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Monthly Archives: October 2004

cautiously optimistic


ok…two days to go. and this article on evangelical voting makes sense and is making me feel a bit better.

gentrifying yuppie scumbags


this one goes out to the brave hero on the subway who stopped the homeless man from peeing in a bottle. i’ll get there. it may take a while. i like my neighborhood in new york city. it’s called inwood. for those of you who have a vision of manhattan as nothing but tall buildings […]

friday i’m in love


nothing says romance like doing a spreadsheet for the one you love. that’s what i’ve always said.

getting nervous


nervous, jittery, second-guessing, whatever. bob novak has an interview with zogby, the pollster, who is now saying that “the president is more likely to be re-elected because he has reinforced support from his base, including married white women.”

vote and win!


remember, you heard it here first. or second. the latest idea to hit the electoral fan is a movement afoot to make voting into a free lottery.

busy day


eminem and the poison girls. two quick things.

when i die


i made a little joke about this subject this weekend, in conversation. i’ll throw it in somewhere. but, especially on a cold rainy-ish monday, i have to tackle this biggest of subjects sometime. plus, my opinions should be down in black and white, in case someone needs to see it. my will has all the […]

jamie endorses


i’m not going to ramble as usual. getting right to the point. focusing. omitting needless words. strunk would be proud of me. as george bush the elder said when reading the notes to the speech rather than the speech itself, “message: i care.” and i do. about you, my dear reader. and about this great […]

my vote count?


i’m gonna vote. i always do, even in the little elections where you go and have no idea who all these judges are that no one is running against. but i’m really not convinced that it all gets added up correctly. after all, the people running the voting are just human. and pretty stupid humans […]

griping about griping


i’m in physical therapy now. i had back surgery a few months ago. so after a suitably miserable recovery period, i have to go three times a week for medieval stretching sessions dictated by heinrich himmler, except that he looks exactly like kim basinger, only more attractive. feel very, very sorry for me.

entitlement begone


good for the red sox. although i really didn’t watch much of the series with the yankees. baseball at it’s best is all about delayed pleasure, which is the only reason anyone is a red sox fan in the first place. so how better to really be a true hardcore baseball fan than to not […]

blog flog


i’m selling out already. it’s not even a week yet. but there’s an author series here at work and this guy’s book, though i haven’t read it yet, seems like it would be pretty good. it’s called The Bad Guys Won! A Season of Brawling, Boozing, Bimbo-chasing, and Championship Baseball with Straw, Doc, Mookie, Nails, […]

eating for good


a lovely postcard in my inbox, my actual physical inbox, at work–the tagline is “dining out just got more satisfying”. it’s from an organization called “action for hunger” which wants me to dine out on october 19th at certain new york restaurants. on this day, these certain restaurants will donate up to 20% of their […]

from my political inbox


well i’ve gotten a bit past yesterday’s satirical nihilism. but i have to rant a bit today about high-tech preaching to the converted.



daisy in “the great gatsby” was p-p-paralyzed with happiness. my inaction, though, is a more garden variety paralysis. why am i not doing more to work for a kerry victory?

good saturday morning


just scanned the headlines online and no mention of mary cheney. so maybe i can calm down a bit. time will tell…i’ll check the sunday morning talking heads for the final verdict. which is in itself an interesting subject…having watched those talking heads since i was a teenager.

now this is a story?


michael rogers/ on mary cheney two news cycles later, on what is evidently a slow news day, we now have this as a story? try to tell me that the media is controlled by liberals. please. blogactive has the perspective right, though. as usual.



grrrr. how in the world do the cheneys look at themselves in the mirror in the morning? more specifically, mary cheney really needs to either have a long talk with mom or she needs to get off her silent ass and tell us all what she really thinks.

first blog


ok. i know i’m following a trend instead of setting one, but i haven’t set a trend for at least fifteen years anyway. so here’s my blog.