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first blog

ok. i know i’m following a trend instead of setting one, but i haven’t set a trend for at least fifteen years anyway. so here’s my blog.

i’m not doing this for anyone really, except myself. and i won’t be actively promoting this. it’s more so i can look back and remember if i choose to. and if you find it entertaining, then great for you.

the third debate is tonight, and i really want to desperately be invested in the outcome, but, despite what i hear, i know my one little vote counts but not for much. of course, i do care, and obsessively read everything on the internet that concerns the election, but i care so much at this point that some primal instinct is kicking in and telling me to pull back so i won’t get hurt.

bottom line, i’ll watch the debate, as it’s a car wreck i can’t not look at, and i’ll secretly hope for a major bush gaffe to blow the election wide open. this is what i’m reduced to? hoping for something bad to happen to the guy i can’t stand so that the guy i don’t care that much about will win?

i donated money to kerry–here’s a comedy of errors that gives me oh so much hope. i signed up for monthly donations to the kerry campaign in july. they were supposed to charge my credit card $25 a month through the election. i got hit for $25 once but never since. should i worry about this man’s organzational and budget skills? i’m trying to give him money and he won’t take it. i’ll be damned if i’m chasing him down to give it to him.

anyway, i’ll be watching tonight, although i’m tired as hell. i’m getting up at 5:00 each morning to get ready to go to physical therapy for my back (had a microdiskectomy a few months ago). between that and the french classes i’m practically asleep on my feet. (yes, you read that right. i’m a francophile and a homosexual as well. do me a favor and revoke my citizenship right now. please.)

that’s enough for now. back to work : )

all my love.

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