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how in the world do the cheneys look at themselves in the mirror in the morning? more specifically, mary cheney really needs to either have a long talk with mom or she needs to get off her silent ass and tell us all what she really thinks.

and don’t give me this “she’s entitled to her private life” crap. she outed herself. she chose to work for gay issues. she’s working for her father’s campaign. so she’s a public figure, and fair game. dick cheney didn’t have a problem inveighing her name and sexuality on the campaign trail. and lynne cheney certainly didn’t have a problem trying to make money off of a book with hot steamy lesbian sex scenes.

now dick and lynne are going to get all righteous on us? give me a break. the hypocrisy of these people. either you are proud of your daughter or you aren’t. lynne, you can’t express all of this horror at john kerry’s mention of your daughter’s orientation without exposing the fact that you are either a) ashamed of your daughter or b) not ashamed and actually are cynically mainpulating both your daughter and the situation for political gain.

john kerry, when asked the question about choice, actually answered it directly. what a concept. dubya, on the other hand, clearly said that he was unclear about choice and then spent two minutes mumbling platitudes about truth, justice and the american way. i’m surprised he didn’t tell all us homosexuals to get some education. that seemed to be his answer to every other damn thing last night.

don’t get me wrong. i’m just as mad at kerry in my own way on this subject. he ain’t no shining hero. his maddening need to parse this subject to death to fit the poll numbers and focus group results and pundit advice is sickening. and, to be sure, his position is contradictory, illogical, and hypocritical. but i’m not a single issue voter, and he sure beats the alternative.

i thought i was supposed to care less about this stuff as i got older. i thought i was supposed to mellow. i wasn’t half this pissed at reagan, for god’s sake. and that’s saying something.

an aside, while i’m thinking of it. hypocrisy is the worst error anyone can make, in my view. please always point out if i’m hypocritical. though, as i’m talking to myself here, i guess that’s a self-reminder to read this stuff at some later time, for intellectual consistency.

ok. i feel better now.


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