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now this is a story?

michael rogers/ on mary cheney

two news cycles later, on what is evidently a slow news day, we now have this as a story? try to tell me that the media is controlled by liberals. please. blogactive has the perspective right, though. as usual.

there’s a great shot of mary cheney’s business card on his site. the one where as her job as an out lesbian/uncle tom, she took blood money from the coors company to flog their product and ignore how the resultant profits get used. have i ever mentioned how much i hate hypocrisy? how any self-respecting gay or lesbian person ever drinks a coors beer is beyond me.

although, the ap headline about the story is hysterical. “cheneys mad after kerry mentions daughter”. personally, i think the cheneys were mad before kerry mentioned daughter.

elizabeth edwards had the perfect soundbite perspective: ”it indicates a certain degree of shame with respect to her daughter’s sexual preferences that i’m certain makes her daughter uncomfortable. that makes me very sad on a personal level.”

end of story, as far as logic goes. but i’m afraid that this story is going to have legs. bush/cheney has spent months trying to make america afraid of gay people, and this is political caviar served to them on a silver platter. you can bet that dick cheney’s “casual mention” of his daughter’s sexuality a few months ago was nothing more than karl rove’s attempt to somehow neutralize what in their minds is a possible blight on their election chances. not to mention their attempt to amend the constitution to ban gay marriage. need i go on? in the context of bush/cheney’s cynical manipulation of this subject for the entire election cycle, it’s amazing that this is going to be mud that sticks.

but it will be.

i think that most people in this country, even the ones who are supportive of gay rights, still don’t really want to discuss the subject in public. and, consequently, most people aren’t going to have the stomach to drill past the headline in this story. the takeaway for most americans is going to be “kerry used that poor woman for political purposes.”

will it affect the outcome? it damn well better not. with everything that we face as a country, if this is the lever that moves the electorate, we really are going to hell in a handbasket.

how in the world does mary cheney have any self-respect after silently allowing all this to happen? she needs to call patti reagan, er, davis for some advice on how to deal with your idiotic family.

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