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busy day

eminem and the poison girls. two quick things.

first off, if you haven’t heard the new eminem anti-bush epic, you need to listen to it/watch it right now. i unapologetically absolutely love eminem, think he’s the most brilliant person in music today, and am convinced that anyone who thinks he’s a gay-basher has a serious deficit in the supply of clue. i’m only pissed that he didn’t release this song sooner. and i’m sure that mtv, subsidiary of viacom, won’t play it, though i really hope i’m wrong.

and, for some reason, which i’m not going to overanalyze until there’s a really slow day in the land of blog ideas, this all made me think of poison girls. maybe it’s just that i’m so so so tired of crying and just want the answer which i’ll hopefully have a week from today. anyway, i googled the lyrics for you. wasn’t that nice of me?

“cry no more” by poison girls

i’m tired of crying for the underprivileged
the blacks, the women, for even black women
for starving children, for the irish
i’m tired of crying for the unemployed, for one eyed jews
i’m tired of crying for refugees, for amputees
i’m tired of crying for the pain of the third world
the poor unfortunates of hiroshima, bikini.
i’m tired of crying america, america
i’m tired of crying for america
i’m tired of crying for collecting boxes, for noble causes
for victims, more victims
victims of violence and protection, victims of privilege
more violence, more victims
the teacher’s lies, the poisoned milk
i’m tired of crying, it changes nothing
the abuse of sex, the endless rape
the decay, the decaying
i’m tired of crying for the broken broken broken hopes
broken hearts and promises
the broken backs, the broken dreams
i’m tired of crying
it’s a savage world, a savage world
i’m tired
and i just want to cry for me.

none of which makes eminem any less brilliant.

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