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getting nervous

nervous, jittery, second-guessing, whatever. bob novak has an interview with zogby, the pollster, who is now saying that “the president is more likely to be re-elected because he has reinforced support from his base, including married white women.”

i know i’m obsessing over detail. and maybe i’m just sleepy, having stayed up yet again to watch the red sox win last night. i keep reading these things, and looking at roundups of polls, and just wanting it to be all over.

but zogby, the most accurate pollster in the 2000 election season, has said all along that he thought kerry would win. and now he’s saying the opposite, because of what’s probably a small percentage of married white women. and that makes me nervous. i know it’s just one quote in a flood of quotes from everyone spinning everything every way they possibly can, but this one burrowed deep, and i hate it.

i hate it even more than the brainless twit of a woman i saw on “good morning america” this morning. they were doing a story on “undecided voters” and diane sawyer asked this woman what it would take to sway her at this point. she said, and this is pretty much verbatim, that her main issue is her personal safety and that “she just wanted someone to come along and give her a big hug and tell her that she’s going to be all right.”

good lord. maybe we shouldn’t be giving away prizes to get people to vote. after everything that’s been said in this campaign and all the issues that have been raised over the past year and a half, that’s the best she can do? someone needs to come along and give her a big whack on the side of the head with a sock full of quarters. stay home, you stupid wench. stay insulated. keep away from reality, and just keep repeating to yourself that all the bad people are in jail.

and her husband was a prize too. his biggest quandary? he didn’t like bush, but all that kerry stuff from 30 years ago bothered him. there’s a clearly studied conclusion for you.

the third woman, who was a doctor, said that 15 minutes ago she liked bush, now she liked kerry, and she’d probably just make up her mind as she got into the voting booth and pulled a lever or whatever. if her patients saw her and have any sense, they are frantically cancelling their appointments.

clearly, these people are somehow related to an abc employee and just wanted to get their 15 seconds on television. at one point, i argued that one could be truly undecided as a result of truly despairing of your choices. i can understand that. i actively defended the undecided voters and upbraided those who made fun of them. back then, andy rooney was wrong to say that you’re stupid if you are still undecided.

that was then, this is now. now, rooney is right. at this point, you really do just want the attention. get over your damn self and make up your mind.

unless, of course, you are a married white female leaning toward bush. in which case i’d encourage you, in the very least, to be a bit undecided.

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