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friday i’m in love

nothing says romance like doing a spreadsheet for the one you love. that’s what i’ve always said.

that’s how i spent a few minutes of my afternoon. kirk had an issue at work that required a spreadsheet-ed solution, and i’ve had to learn some excel here at work. so he explained the problem to me, and i formulated (pun intended) a quick solution, after doing some research because i’ve never had to do anything quite like this.

here are some of the formulas i used.




i include them here because if you know excel, you might find them interesting and you’ll realize that they are pretty simple and you’ll wonder what the fuss is. if you don’t know excel, or don’t know what excel is, you’ll be mightily impressed with this einsteinian-ish arcana, and you’ll think i’m a genius boy.

five years ago i would have looked at that stuff and fallen into the latter category. but things and life move on, and now i’m lefting and righting and concatenating and such. doing it was a little thing, but i think it may just have been appreciated, and kirk loves me because i’m such a good concatenator, though he didn’t know he loved me for that this morning when we got up.

it’s a shift in focus, i guess. you get older, you get a bit of perspective, and you start seeing the little things a bit better. it used to think you had to buy flowers and candy and set up midnight suppers on the beach and surprise people with homemade cards to constantly tell them you love them. i still do those things, on occasion.

but, more often than not, i just do a spreadsheet. or something similarly obscure.

it’s nice to be with someone who appreciates the spreadsheets as much as the midnight suppers on the beach.

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