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Monthly Archives: November 2004

civil unions for all


there’s a great thread on the daily kos site about gay marriage and civil unions today. the gist of the argument is best stated by a poster named pastordan, a minister: “I believe that God sanctifies the covenant made between two people, and the state legally recognizes that same covenant, whether made in a church […]

what i saw


boy have i been lazy. not really. i helped cook thanksgiving dinner, and more importantly, i ate it, which takes much more time. i also helped put together all of our holiday cards. it’s kirk’s year to design it (we take turns) but i help out. not to mention everyday life stuff. so i haven’t […]

the menu


be jealous. be very jealous. kirk and i love to cook, and any excuse will do. thanksgiving is an especially good one. we usually go to his parents’ house in reading, pa., but this year we are staying home and they are eating at cracker barrel, which is legal now, at least for me, since […]



last few hours of work before the thanksgiving holiday. and what am i thinking about? fingerprints.

inconsequential conversations


quick take: another rant on red state/blue state stuff, this one in the form of a concession speech. familiar territory, but worth reading. and on the subject of familiar territory, for some reason today i started thinking about the comfort of familiar conversations.

random radio musings


first off, i missed my first day of blogging since i started this mess. i had wanted to keep an unbroken streak for as long as possible, but i worked my butt off around the house yesterday until late into the night. at 12:03, when i had finally sat down for a few minutes to […]

abc news, reevaluated


i’m an abc news fan. i think it’s a holdover from when they actually were the best in the business. and i have a very dear friend who was a producer at abc news, and she’s told me so many great stories of how they were the best and why, that i still watch them […]

childhood unconsciousness


everyone has their backlog of stories. i sure do. i really respect a person who has the confidence to be able to tell a story or two on themselves. a little humility and self-deprecating humor goes a long way with me. so, in that spirit, i’ll occasionally tell a story or two on myself on […]

quick takes, random thoughts


first in a series of short takes on various subjects. perfect for when i don’t have the energy or inclination to come up with a big statement. such as today.

6th grade history, 2090


civil rights by jamie howard civil rights has come a long way since the turn of the century and before the turn of the century. i saw on 3-d where countries used to take rights away from people because they were black or because they were gay or because they were poor. it doesn’t make […]

honey and vinegar


“you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” or do you? most times you do, but sometimes the vinegar is necessary. but when?

my vote for rev. al


it’s been a weekend full of projects. the coffee soda always helps with that–i don’t normally drink beverages with caffeine (although i have nothing really against them…) so when i do it’s look out world. these are the thrills you get when you are 41 and boring. it’s come down to this. so i’ll take […]

coffee soda


it’s the best tasting soda in the world. manhattan special espresso coffee soda. of course, it’s also the reason i’m up all night cleaning the house.

missing the point


there’s a long article in this morning’s new york times about gay marriage. it seems that groups such as lambda legal are backing off pushing for gay marriage in the courts so they can try to regain rights taken away in the 11 states that passed anti-marriage amendments during this past election. again with the […]

the big thing


ronald reagan got everything wrong, as i’ve said numerous times already in these blogs. you could look it up. except that he got the one big thing right. the soviet union and the cold war. say what you will about that rat bastard, and i do, he got that right, even when at the time […]

the game


i’m reading “the poisonwood bible” by barbara kingsolver. i’m a great believer that things and events come to you when they are supposed to, and it’s up to you to figure out why or be open enough to possibilities to let the intended meaning reveal itself, and this book is no exception. the book was […]

extra extra


i just have to post this, because it’s so raw and so perfectly right. so here’s a bonus blog for today. thanks to whoever wrote this because it says exactly what i think and expresses exactly how i feel. don’t click on “more” if really rough language offends.

intolerant of intolerance


random snatches of babbling are driving me nuts. dialogue heard in passing this morning: “i don’t agree with gay marriage, but it doesn’t matter if i voted for george bush because congress won’t pass the amendment anyway.” i’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist of it. this from someone who married someone who is not an […]

two-sided demonization


karl rove was on “meet the press” and various sunday shows yesterday. i didn’t watch any of them, as i’m still on my news fast. getting over the overload. i did see a clip of him on fox news. i wasn’t watching fox news; some other channel ran the fox news clip. just to clarify. […]

changing the subject


i’m forcing myself to change the subject today. not, understand, because this massively messed-up election and electorate isn’t on my mind twenty-four seven. because it is. i dream about it, and i daydream about it. and i’m far from finished with telling you what i think. i haven’t even really started yet on the governmental […]