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coffee soda

it’s the best tasting soda in the world. manhattan special espresso coffee soda.

of course, it’s also the reason i’m up all night cleaning the house.

up late, cleaning the house and watching bad television. right now, it’s “wanda does it” i love wanda sykes–she is hysterical on “curb your enthusiasm”. “tv don’t work? fire the black man!” was the funniest thing on the show that year. but this show is marginal at best. it just puts her in various situations and asks her to be funny, which she is sometimes and isn’t most times.

so i just changed channels to “saturday night live”. which, unbelievably, started out with a sketch with bush and kerry. so not funny…who cares about kerry anymore now? maybe they should have just started with a skit where someone reads yesterday’s newspapers.

and liam neeson is the guest host. i don’t hold out much hope of him being funny, but you never know. he has to be funnier than kate winslet, who was absolutely horrible. i can only hope that they’ll have christopher walken on again this year, although they probably won’t, because he was on last year. he’s the best host ever. you can see him read the cue cards, just like vintage bob hope, and it cracks me up. but i think that walken must have something to do with the writing when he’s on, becasue it always goes up a notch.

coffee soda. it’s going to be a long night.

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