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6th grade history, 2090

civil rights

by jamie howard

civil rights has come a long way since the turn of the century and before the turn of the century. i saw on 3-d where countries used to take rights away from people because they were black or because they were gay or because they were poor.

it doesn’t make much sense to me, but the history book says it’s true, so it must be true.

there was a country called south africa in the 20th century. south africa was where they had all the diamonds, which people used to think were valuable because the big companies told them they were. and the white people came in and took away all the land from the black people, and took away their rights, and made them all very poor because they didn’t share the diamond money that belonged to the black people to begin with. but the rest of the world made them give the land back, and then south africa was ruled by the people who had been in charge in the first place.

there was also a country called america, which was the richest and most powerful country in the world until europe took over again and got rid of a lot of the borders. my mom laughs and says there will always be an england. america had more of everything than everyone else in the world, but they didn’t share it very much with anyone else in the world. also they didn’t share it with a lot of americans either which seems funny that some people wouldn’t even share with their own neighbors. and they passed a lot of laws that said that gay people can’t marry and then they passed more laws that said that black people couldn’t marry white people and then they passed laws taking a lot of money away from poor people and giving it to rich people. they passed a lot of laws because the bible said that things were wrong. this was before they separated church and state.

but then the rest of the world did like they did with south africa and made america give the rights and money back to all the poor people and gay people and black people. they also passed the law banning capital letters which was very popular with everyone.

so now america is free like the rest of the world. i think there are still problems with people being rich and people being poor and people not sharing and people hating other people for stupid reasons, but at least the government isn’t taking advantage of it. that’s what my mom says, anyway.

the end

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