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random radio musings

first off, i missed my first day of blogging since i started this mess. i had wanted to keep an unbroken streak for as long as possible, but i worked my butt off around the house yesterday until late into the night. at 12:03, when i had finally sat down for a few minutes to watch u2 on saturday night live, i realized i had missed blogging.

it’s not a catastrophe. but i’m a little disappointed in myself. just a little. and this blogging software doesn’t allow you to cheat and backdate an entry, which i like. dirty little secret of blogging revealed.

but this morning, here i am blogging again. after a nice calm morning of npr, which i’ve decided to rediscover.

i used to listen to npr religiously, but that was back when i lived in florida, had a car, and drove around a lot. new york is not conducive to radio listening, at least for me. maybe that’s why new york radio sucks so badly, which it does. really. there’s not a really decent radio station anywhere on the dial. i’m sure my boss could explain why–probably something to do with the expense versus the reduced listenership or something.

and the reception is awful. my stereo, even with a relatively expensive radio shack external radio antenna, doesn’t pick up a single station in stereo on fm. every station has a bit of static and fuzz in the background, though thankfully npr is relatively clear.

and i’m far too cheap to pay for satellite radio. i spend my days getting people to sign up for subscriptions, even if indirectly. i try as much as possible to keep them out of my life at home, though it’s a losing battle.

anyway, i digress. kirk likes having tv noise in the background, even if he’s not watching or listening, which is fine. maybe he’s listening, maybe actively, maybe subconsciously. i used to need that noise too, and still do to some extent, but i’m making a conscious effort to reduce the blather a bit.

as i wrote this, kirk had the chris matthews yellfest on. which is fine. but as i rediscovered this morning, the whole sunday morning tv thing compares poorly to npr. there’s just a lower voltage, which seems more suited to sunday morning. there was a nice story about housing development in addis ababa. there was a story about ecological restoration using waterflow from the glen canyon dam. there was misic from someone named khaki king, whose name i may be misspelling. she does an ani di franco acoustic guitar rhythm thing, which admittedly is probably less an accurate description than just a use of my personal frame of reference, except that her playing is even more ani-ish than ani is.

at any rate, it was a very enjoyable morning. so far.

there’s still the rest of the day.

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