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last few hours of work before the thanksgiving holiday. and what am i thinking about?


there was a report on tv this morning about a town in connecticut (i think) that was pushing to have all children under 12 fingerprinted, and then the local government issues an id card to them. supposedly, if the kid gets lost or misplaced, this will help him or her find his way home, or give someone the tools with which to return the kid to the parents who loved him or her enough to let them go astray or whatever.

can you tell i don’t have kids?

anyway, if i had a kid, i think i would just make an id card on the computer and laminate it and let the kid carry that around. it would serve the same frigging purpose, except that then the government wouldn’t be getting their sticky fingers all over my kid’s fingerprints. which, i am sure, is going in some file somewhere.

are people so stupid that they can’t see through this rather transparent attempt to build a nice big government fingerprint database in the name of “helping children”?

i guess not, because people are signing up in droves. according to the report, anyway. can’t trust that liberal media too much, you know.

my fingerprints are in one place, and one place only, and that’s at the end of my fingers. i’ve never been fingerprinted, and if i have anything to say about it, it will stay that way. do i have anything to hide? of course not. well i don’t. i know that may not be completely obvious, but you’ll just have to trust me.

but i don’t want the government to have any more information on me than absolutely necessary, and that’s not necessary.

the closest i ever came to getting fingerprinted was when i taught school. when i first started, they didn’t fingerprint you. then they passed some law to check for molesters and such and started fingerprinting newly hired teachers, and then at some point they sent out the message that they would be contacting teachers who had not been fingerprinted. those people were supposed to go to the county education offices and get it done. lots of people were contacted, and they all went.

but no one ever contacted me.

and did i remind them? hell no.

they still gave me a paycheck every two weeks, so i guess they thought it was all right. and i’m glad that my fingerprints are still in one place only.

no ink on me, baby.

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