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Monthly Archives: November 2004

i know it’s cheating


…but this random email that came from i don’t know where is just really well written. and says just about everything i’d want to say on the subject of fear and terrorism and this country and this election. so, i’m taking the night off, and you click on more, and read all about it. here […]

lifelong democrat (?)


always. always. straight ticket. except once. one vote for a republican, just once. it was for sheriff of alachua county, gainesville, fl. i was talked into it by a woman i carpooled with–her husband was on the force, she knew both candidates, and swore she wasn’t steering me wrong. well the republican sheriff must have […]

love trumps hate


from a wall street journal article headlined “victory suggests rightward move by the electorate”: “i always thought love would trump hate,” says bush strategist matthew dowd. because it did, mr. bush’s 51%-48% popular vote edge precisely matched mr. dowd’s pre-election forecast, even as national polls pointed toward a much closer race. yes indeed. love trumped […]

(red, white) and (blue)


so much for optimism. not only did bush win, but he won due partly, or perhaps even mainly, due to the vast turnout generated by the gay marriage bans, all of which passed by huge margins. even in oregon, which has so successfully beat back these amendments for so many years.

busy busy busy


this will be quick, as i don’t want to miss the news etc. but it’s looking pretty good.

thanks to the packers


it’s all over but the shouting. the packers won yesterday. the quote of the day from the cnn website: “the packers’ 28-14 victory over the redskins yesterday, which, as you’re sick of hearing by now, means you don’t need to vote tomorrow, because kerry has already won.”