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Monthly Archives: December 2004



evidently the social security people read my blog, because they have reversed course and decided to accept marriage licenses from straight people who got married in places where gay marriages occurred this past year. i’m glad they listened to me. now maybe they can extend that logic and accept the gay marriages. well, hopefully in […]

grr this and grr that


first, i was whiny in yesterday’s blog. i was well aware of that. that’s why i blog. now i don’t feel so whiny about it. and thank you for bearing with me. today, a couple of items that caught my eye and got my goat:

hating pain


i spent the first 40 years of my life in really good health. and, while i’m not by nature a complainer (although those of you who know me may beg to differ; and you will have to beg, to differ…) i have this to say. the first two years of life after 40 have not […]

christmas at radio city


that’s where i was yesterday, instead of blogging like i should have been. well, i guess i could have done both, but i didn’t. i was at radio city music hall to see the radio city christmas show, with the rockettes. with great seats, thanks to the in-laws.

quick takes, random thoughts


short bursts of random stuff today, a day where i feel unfocused but will try to focus as much as possible. as much as possible.

entitlement part two


part two in a continuing series of reporting on entitlement that i encounter. i should not get such vicarious enjoyment out of seeing powerful people who are accustomed to getting their way not getting their way. but i do. this episode: the plane.

the joy of shredding


i’m out of the closet in nearly every aspect of my life, and now, after i tell you this, i’ll be completely out with no secrets left. well, practically none. i love to shred.

the inverness cooter festival


i’m from floral city, florida originally, but that’s just a smaller town than the small town which is the county seat of citrus county–inverness, florida. citrus county (which, ironically, has little to no citrus, at least in a commercial sense) is a sleepy part of northwest central florida. it’s probably most famous for the manatees […]

holiday shopping list


where to shop this year? try patronizing the businesses in bold on this list, which donated the majority of their money to democrats, and avoiding the others, which dontated the majority of their money to republicans. i will even pledge not to eat at waffle house on my trip to florida this weekend. if you […]

haircut followup


such a superficial subject, but i don’t care, because i’m happy about it, so i’m writing about it. great haircut yesterday. great haircut. great haircut.

internal financial conflict


apprehensive, by the way, because i’m off this afternoon to get my first non-cathy-rafanello new york haircut. i was so lucky to have her cut my hair all these years, and now she can’t because of carpal tunnel and all, and damn am i worried. anyway, i’m thinking this morning about money, and how i […]

cheating, i know


i know it’s cheating, but here’s another great thing i got via email through the magic known as the internets. here it is–“some things to do before the inaugural”, presented unedited.