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haircut followup

such a superficial subject, but i don’t care, because i’m happy about it, so i’m writing about it.

great haircut yesterday. great haircut. great haircut.

i’ve had long hair for quite a while. years. not long like down to my ass long, but long like a few inches all over my head. not long like down to my shoulders long, but way the hell over my collar in the back and way down over my ears and way in my face.

so i had the neck toss thing going for a while. you know that one? the one where your hair is that length that falls in your eyes constantly, but it’s not long enough to stay back on its own or do anything sensible with. so you spend your day brushing your hair out of your face or, as i mentioned, doing the neck toss thing.

and the long hair is a pain in the morning. actually it’s more than a pain in the morning; it’s also a pain in the ass. but i’ll be specific. it’s a pain in the morning when you have to wash it and blow dry it and put product goop in it, enough goop that your hair doesn’t look like your hand is on a van der graff generator but not so much that your hair looks like you’ve put goop in it. and then you have good long hair days and bad long hair days. and recently the bad days have outpaced the good, at least in my perception.

but i’d long hair so long that i’d forgotten how easy short hair was. and, to be honest, the whole reason i had long hair was because my hair is slightly slightly hardly thinning in the very very front, and so i kept it long to mask that. it’s that hairline that used to be straight across and now has these two little u-shapes on either side. now, if you know me, you can verify that this was not a combover. if you don’t know me, you’ll have to trust me that this was not a combover. it was just strategically placed hair.

but this hair wizard dude, who was recommended by cathy raf (my former haircutter who i had to go somewhere else because she got carpal tunnel and who i must now apologize to for never letting her cut my hair shorter even though i’m pretty sure she wanted to) this hair wizard dude cut my hair short and it looks really great. and he did all of these razor-y things and all of these scissor-y things with different scissors and different razors and at different angles, sometimes with my hair wet and sometimes with my hair dry. the hair wizard dude, by the way, is erik at michael fen on 9th avenue in nyc.

and the vain part of me is psyched because everything is still strategically covered, and the practical side of me is psyched because all i have to do in the morning is comb it and leave with a wet head. except that i won’t do that when it’s cold, because my mother’s voice is in the back of my head telling me i’ll catch a cold if i do that. so i still blow dried my hair this morning on the inaugural day of the haircut, but it only took like thirty-eight seconds and was much less fuss. and, best part, at the end i was able to do the queer-eye-for-the-straight-guy-hair-thing, which is just a little bit of goop in your palm, rub it in, and start from the back and work your way forward. i could never do that before, because i had too much hair back there.

by the way, i’m not a secret slob, like stradlater in “the catcher in the rye”. i’m a secret neat freak. you’d never know it to look at me, because while i look presentable, i don’t look like i spend much time on the looks and the clothes and such. basic and whatnot. but i actually spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about how to look like i don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it.

i’m funny that way.

and now i’ve spent an inordinate amount writing a long, passionate blog not about gay marriage, or political issues, or anything intense. i’ve written a long, passionate blog about my hair.

i’m funny that way, too.

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