the inverness cooter festival

i’m from floral city, florida originally, but that’s just a smaller town than the small town which is the county seat of citrus county–inverness, florida. citrus county (which, ironically, has little to no citrus, at least in a commercial sense) is a sleepy part of northwest central florida. it’s probably most famous for the manatees you can swim with in crystal river, and the nuclear plant.

but imagine my shock when i, having tried mightily to forget the whole place (none of my family and not too many people i keep up with live there), see the city of inverness featured on the daily show with jon stewart.

actually, not the city featured, but its cooter. festival.

here is an article from the local paper about it. can i say, right up front, that i’m ashamed to admit i’m from this place?

not because the name of the festival objectifies women, although it does. but i’m really not enough of a politically correct person to get upset about things like that. i think you have to have a sense of humor about things.

and i do have a sense of humor about the “cooter festival” and its obvious double-entendre name.

i guess i’m just a bit dismayed that the place i came from has to stoop so low to attract attention. or that, although i can scarcely believe this, the people involved were really so ignorant as to not know that they were naming their festival after slang term for a part of the female anatomy.

did you know that? i guess some people aren’t familiar with that term–it’s kind of a southern term. but, thanks to my hometown, more people will be aware of cooter.

and turtles as well.