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Monthly Archives: January 2005

insane in the membrane


a mind is a terrible thing to face. i have a number of long-standing stories i tell about myself. some of them are on here even. not all, though. as bad comedians say, i’ve got a million of ’em. and, as a bad blogger, so do i. but i recently got called out, and rightly […]

jamiehoward dot com


well, after long last, i am master of my domain. name. not in the seinfeld sense. i’ve never been master of my domain in that sense for longer than a day or two. i mean that i’m now the proud owner of jamiehoward dot com. typed out that way to hopefully fool the spammers.

necco wafers


mood: cranky? you bet. although i’m not by nature a complainer, or at least try not to be, my leg is killing me and is getting worse. i can’t stand up or walk for more than thirty seconds without shooting pains and whatnot. so i’m gonna write about something that will make me smile and […]

spurious restaurant review


a new blog? no, i did not fall off the face of the earth. just very busy with holidays and such. actually, that’s a lie. i was slightly busy with holiday stuff, and mostly just lazy.