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Monthly Archives: March 2005

dnr me


dnr. do not resuscitate. i have my living will in place, and so does kirk. and if you don’t, you should have one. it’s more complicated than that if you are gay and in a relationship, though. for instance, kirk and i won’t go to ohio, virginia, or any of the other states that passed […]

my favorite tv show


sounds like an assignment i’d have given my seventh grade english class. yes i taught seventh grade english once. it was hell. an old friend of mine, everett caudle, used to say that kids should stay home during seventh and eighth grades and return to school when they’d gone through puberty and their hormones had […]

i want a mac


i want a mac. again. hopefully, the karma fairy will read this and drop a chunk of change in my pocket. my computer, which is a pc, a dell, is several years old. 5+ years old, to be exact. i think. and it does the job, but i’m dreaming, and while i’m dreaming, i’m drooling. […]

new software version


i just upgraded the software used to run this site (greymatter) to the latest release. please leave comments if you see any errors, but so far it looks pretty airtight. and for the techy geeks in the house–trackback crap and extra geegaws nothwithstanding, greymatter is still my favorite blogging software. email me and debate me […]

friday bonus


celebrate easter–kill a peep photo of kirk’s easter pie courtesy of andrew the latest peeps research

a better way


last night on the subway there was a probably homeless guy panhandling. there’s a lot more of that lately…it always goes up in the wintertime but this year it seems more than usual. and this guy looked rougher than most. if i have change i sometimes give it to them, sometimes i don’t. don’t tell […]

who to hu


i’m gonna be lazy and repost this email i got today. after yesterday’s schiavo-thon post, i think i deserve that. remember abbott and costello? of course you don’t. well, probably you don’t. their “who’s on first” routine is classic comedy at its best. here’s the updated version, featuring my favorite president. to bash.

‘fessin’ up


ok, it was a cheap shot. yes i used that poor vegetable woman to get you to read something i really care about, grammar. but be honest. if i had entitled yesterday’s blog “my grammar nitpicks” you would have blown by it at top speed. great thoughts, or to be honest slightly better than mediocre […]

terri schiavo


well everyone else on the damn internet has weighed in on this, so why not me? my brief note at the end of yesterday’s blog notwithstanding. i’m glad i waited to write this, because i have a bit more perspective now than if i had blogged about this, say, over the weekend, when, as one […]

the meat tray


i used to be vegetarian. hell, i was even a vegan for, like, five years or something. i protested on behalf of the animals for peta, lived my life as an example, gave away my entire leather shoe collection (including the most awesome collection of customized doc martens and goth boots from london that you […]

the rap clause


lil’ kim’s conviction caused me to rethink yesterday’s rules, and so, i give to you, the rap clause: file this as a subpoint to the rule of famous. famous rappers are the exception to the fame rule–they are always convicted. why? ain’t it obvious? it’s a racial thing. there may be times, maybe most times, […]

justice in america


so, with the recent spate of criminal judgments against rich and famous people, i’ve sensed a pattern and can conclusively say that guilt or innocence in the american justice system comes down to one thing. perception. and if you think about it, there are apparently hard and fast rules to govern your fate in this […]