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new software version

i just upgraded the software used to run this site (greymatter) to the latest release. please leave comments if you see any errors, but so far it looks pretty airtight.

and for the techy geeks in the house–trackback crap and extra geegaws nothwithstanding, greymatter is still my favorite blogging software. email me and debate me if you disagree.

and by the way…

from the latest ap story on terri schiavo:

“the parents made another desperate plea to pinellas circuit judge george greer on friday to keep their daughter alive, saying she tried to say ‘i want to live’ just minutes before her feeding tube was removed. greer was expected to announce a decision by noon saturday.”

“in their motion, the schindlers claim their daughter said ‘ahhhhhh’ and ‘waaaaaaa’ when asked to repeat the phrase ‘i want to live.'”


when helen keller said “waaaaaaa” it meant something. sadly, in this case, it doesn’t.

besides which, even if she were trying to say something meaningful, which she wasn’t because she is, hello, brain dead, if all she said was “ahhhhhh” and “waaaaaaa”, she might have been trying to follow it with “to die” for all anyone knows. which she wasn’t anyway, because it was just gibberish to which these poor deluded parents have assigned hopeful meaning.

at this point i really feel sorry for the parents. i think they’ve been led too far down the garden path by politicians and fundraisers and the like, and they’ve now lost the ability to distinguish what’s reality and what’s not when it comes to their daughter.

i can’t blame them anymore. but i know who i’m still mad at.

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