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i want a mac

i want a mac.


hopefully, the karma fairy will read this and drop a chunk of change in my pocket. my computer, which is a pc, a dell, is several years old. 5+ years old, to be exact. i think.

and it does the job, but i’m dreaming, and while i’m dreaming, i’m drooling. right on the keyboard, every time i go to the apple site, which is more often than i should.

i was an early adopter of macs. when i taught school, my first mac was a 512k mac. my students and i did one of the country’s first desktop-published high school yearbooks on a mac plus with one megabyte of memory and pagemaker one point oh. that and a $5000-ish (i think, if i’m remembering all this correctly) laserwriter. and loved every minute of it.

and i used macs exclusively for, oh eleven years maybe? and then i left teaching and took the evil herff jones sales rep job, and a lot of my client schools had pcs, and pc laptops were cheaper, so i got one, and then my personal mac (a powerbook 520 with a greyscale screen) which had been upgraded to the point of bursting, just got too old and too slow.

and i drifted away.

and then i sold out.

and then i moved to new york and kirk had a pc, so i just used that. and we replaced his gateway pc with the dell pc we have now. and then i started worrying about things like computer viruses. and fat allocation tables, and i started nonsensically clicking “start” whenever i wanted to turn off my computer, and i used a totally inferior browser called internet explorer. and so on.

i miss having a mac. kirk wants one too now, and when we replace the computer we have, it’ll be with a mac. but as veruca salt says in willy wonka, “i want it now!”

but my wallet says be patient. so i will. but if i win the office ncaa basketball pool…don’t laugh. i see you laughing. i’ll have you know that i’m in third place, and i’ve picked unc versus illinois with unc winning the championship, and no one else ahead of me has, and if that’s how it goes, i’ve got some bucks, baby.

so if i win the office ncaa basketball pool, i may just use that chunk of change to get a mac mini, to which i can hook up my existing screen and existing mouse and keyboard and get back into the world of macs.

a world which i really miss. hopefully my pc isn’t so smart as to be able to figure out the gist of what i’m typing here. i don’t want any revenge scenarios played out at my expense.

so steve jobs, if you have any pull with this, put in a good word for the tar heels. it’ll mean another sale for you.

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