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dnr me

dnr. do not resuscitate.

i have my living will in place, and so does kirk. and if you don’t, you should have one.

it’s more complicated than that if you are gay and in a relationship, though. for instance, kirk and i won’t go to ohio, virginia, or any of the other states that passed anti-gay-marriage laws last november. why won’t we go, you ask?

i’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. take ohio for instance. their law invalidates any legal documents that attempt to approximate the rights conferred by marriage. so if i’m in ohio, and i go into a coma, my living will that gives kirk the right to pull the plug is invalid.

so with my luck i’d probably end up with the state fighting to keep me alive and kirk fighting to let me die, which are my clear wishes.


i want the plug pulled, by the way. under all circumstances. I ain’t laying around in a hospital for years on end with no hope of leaving.

but it’s strange to me that there are so many religious people who so badly want to stay on earth with all these tubes stuck in their orifices and whatnot. seems like they, above all people, would be able to get their god’s obvious message that maybe it’s time to die and go to their heaven or wherever. and it seems that they, above all people, would want to get to their heaven post-haste, since they spend so much time on earth wailing about going there.

but no. take the pope. please.

sorry, couldn’t resist a bit of the old corny henny youngman.

take the pope. who we now learn wants to be kept alive by all means necessary. actually we probably don’t know what he himself really thinks, because it’s the vatican policy that he has to hew to and all. he may be ready to get the hell out of here, so to speak. but he’s going to be on these damn tubes for innumerable months and years, whether he likes it (which he just may) or not.

now why, may i ask, do all these religious people want to delay their departure? oh, i know. life is sacred. tell that to karla faye tucker and all of the other people that these religious people want put to death.

at least the vatican isn’t hypocritical about that. that’s one thing they aren’t hypocritical about. if you gave me a few days, maybe i could think of something else.

so, however you feel about dnrs, make sure you have one.

and if you don’t by now know what a dnr is, get with the program.

and if you have one and are gay and you’ve given control to your partner, don’t take it to ohio and get sick and expect to have your wishes honored.

better yet, don’t go to ohio in the first place, or any of those other stupid backward-ass states. don’t take the chance.

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