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Monthly Archives: July 2005

my obsessive ipod


first off, i’ll not capitalize the “p” in ipod. if steve jobs wants to come after me, let him. my new ipod is playing favorites. first off, well, second off, i now have an ipod. i realize that i am the last new yorker to have an ipod, but i’m now the proud owner of […]

hot hot hot


it’s hot in nyc. actually, it’s probably hot where you are too, unless you are in nome or something. and i know it’s hotter elsewhere, like phoenix and atlanta and wherever. but, still, it’s damn hot. and humid.

nice new surroundings


it’s amazing what moving a little furniture will do for your outlook. i’ve always complained that our apartment, which is nice-sized with a huge kitchen by relatively inexpensive one bedroom manhattan apartment standards, nevertheless feels crowded and cluttered. who knew that making the room smaller would solve the problem?

hutt of rutt


today i’m going to eat at rutt’s hut, which i saw on a tv show about hot dogs and is, coincidentally, in clifton, nj which is mere miles from my boss’s house, so she is taking me, and her husband and young daughter are going as well. and kirk too. the hot dogs are deep […]

as i suspected


this whole scotus thing is going to be anticlimactic. even though i knew all along that this guy was going to be approved, or voted in or on, or whatever, i still held out some hope for a few fireworks to entertain me in the interim. but everyone, or enough-one, is falling all over themselves […]



well, i guess i need to weigh in on the whole supreme court thing, even though no one really knows much about this guy, and even though if i tell you what i really think, which i will, you’ll probably be aghast. scotus, by the way, is (s)upreme (c)ourt (o)f (t)he (u)nited (s)tates, not to […]

cheap ploy for attention


i like the site–it’s a nice compendium of nyc stuff, even if the “royal we” point of view (“gothamist is tired of all this crap, etc.”) gets annoying. today they had a story on charlie and the chocolate factory that was basically a rant about how people can’t behave in the movies anymore. and […]

wtf is this?


ok, so i’ve been derelict. and don’t expect much the first day back. there’s no special reason i haven’t blogged. just didn’t do it. i tend to get interested in things, get very enthusiastic, and then tire of them. usually permanently.