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wtf is this?

ok, so i’ve been derelict. and don’t expect much the first day back. there’s no special reason i haven’t blogged. just didn’t do it. i tend to get interested in things, get very enthusiastic, and then tire of them. usually permanently.

like, for instance, the last month i have been obsessively searching ebay for minolta md lenses for kirk’s old x-700 camera. everything’s so cheap now, because a lot of people don’t care about old manual focus cameras. and so incredible bargains can be had.

except, of course, that some people on ebay are lying assholes, like the bitch who sent me a broken lens. which is now at chrysler camera, awaiting its fate.

anyway, if you want to know what i’ve been doing online when i should have been blogging, that’s it. i’ve been reading ebay postings. now i’m really tired of ebay.

and blogging is cheaper. so it looks like it’ll be one of the few things i may return to after tiring of it initially. i’m too much of a dilettante.

some quick things:

» don’t bother seeing “charlie and the chocolate factory”. despite all the stellar reviews, this is a soulless chunk of crap that has great visuals and a horrible script. and, i’m sorry to say, the fault lies mostly with johnny depp, who i adore, but is just awful in this movie. i don’t have the time or energy to explain why…just trust me on this. rent the old gene wilder version.

» here’s where i spent another chunk of non-blogging time, until i realized that most of the people who post here are idiots: canon forum. kirk and i got a canon 350 digital slr camera and so i spent some time here when we first got the camera, and it was helpful. now, though, i realize that there are a lot of people who don’t know how to use a point-and-shoot camera who have now bought digital slrs and are hopelessly lost and are blaming their ignorance on the expensive camera rather than spending time learning how to use a complicated piece of equipment. and the seven posters who know what they are doing are all posting closeup pictures of bugs, or pictures of lens test patterns.

» and here’s a truly funny site: the sneeze. i linked to a “greatest hits” page so you’d get an idea, but the rest of the site is great to explore. and it seems that a lot of web types post there…i saw postings from the proprietors of several sites i go to.

i’ll try to be more trenchant tomorrow. no promises.

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