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cheap ploy for attention

i like the site–it’s a nice compendium of nyc stuff, even if the “royal we” point of view (“gothamist is tired of all this crap, etc.”) gets annoying.

today they had a story on charlie and the chocolate factory that was basically a rant about how people can’t behave in the movies anymore.

and a site that usually gets a few comments per story got 67 comments for this one within, like, 5 minutes. so i figured i’d rant about this too, and see what happens.

people can’t behave in the movies anymore. they talk on their cell phones, and to each other, and to themselves, and don’t control their kids’ behavior, and are generally pretty annoying. and i go to the movies less because people are so annoying when they are at the movies.

um, that’s kinda lame. maybe i should talk about karl rove. that’ll get lots of hits and attention.

karl rove is like the antichrist. no, he is the antichrist. he’s in control of things he shouldn’t be in control of. bush should fire him. he gave up that cia lady’s name and blew her cover.

nah, not into it.

maybe if i create an original controversy, then people will be drawn here like flies to vinegar. or honey, or whatever.

hey, did you know that seatbelts in cars are a secret government plot to line the pockets of greedy insurance companies who won’t have to pay death benefits? what a fucking outrage! god, i’m pissed! where’s moveon when you need them? maybe they too are in league with the government and the insurance companies! moveon sure hasn’t said a goddamn thing about seatbelts, now have they? that proves it! you should write your congressman, unless of course he or she is getting pac money from moveon and the insurance industry! what’s an honest citizen to do?

well, maybe not.

i guess i’m just going to have to blog every day, dammit.

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