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as i suspected

this whole scotus thing is going to be anticlimactic.

even though i knew all along that this guy was going to be approved, or voted in or on, or whatever, i still held out some hope for a few fireworks to entertain me in the interim. but everyone, or enough-one, is falling all over themselves to give approval, either direct or tacit.

and the only people who are getting het up are the people with a vested interest in interest-bearing investments of fundraising dollars that they want to pad.

only one thing is going to be of interest to me in this whole process.

and that’s, once he’s on the court, how will he vote on things. not that it matters (see yesterday’s blog) but it is of slight interest to me, in a casual, detached way.

i’m much more selfishly interested in whether or not i’m going to get my money back for the broken camera lens i bought on ebay. well, at the time i bought it, i thought it worked, and it was listed as working, but when i got it it didn’t, and the bitch who sold it to me won’t answer my emails which now number three.

so i gave her the negative option. either i hear from her by 6pm tonight, or i’m calling johnnie cochran. except he’s dead. i’ll call rev. al instead.

actually, i’m just going to leave…drum roll…”negative feedback”, which apparently on ebay is taken very seriously. and to be sure, if the bitch had had any negative feedback in her limited feedback range, i probably would not have bought from her. kirk would have had more sense and not bought the damn lens from her in the first place.

and then there’s this whole paypal appeals process which might get me my money back but i think also might give the bitch my phone number so she can hassle me. it’s $30. i may just bag it, and eat the loss, and chalk it up to bad karma. or i may pursue it, because it’s something in my control.

but, oh the inhumanity! can’t we trust our fellow man, or bitch, anymore?

of course not. and john roberts is probably going under the radar as much as my stealth ebay bitch, except he’s wrapped in a flag with his kids, wife, dog, and black robe. but i don’t care about him, because there’s little i can do past what i did around election time, which admittedly, was the bare minimum. i voted for kerry and donated money to him. but that’s more than most people did.

i’m sure that in the upcoming senate hearings john roberts will be about as forthcoming as ebay bitch. he’ll probably carefully word things, and parse them out, and say the minimum, and squeak by on trust.

and then we’ll all get screwed afterwards.

actually, you’ll get screwed. i won’t. because in my fatalistic way, i’ve already chalked up john roberts to that familiar “bad karma”. if he turns out to be souter, or o’connor, then so much the better. my guess? he’ll end up right of souter and left of scalia and thomas.

i think they should all be made to wear those white wigs like in england. that would fix them good. no one would take them seriously at all, which would probably in the long run be a good thing.

if it makes you feel better, write your senator, donate to moveon or people for the american way, send emails to your friends who all think like you anyway, or whatever.

me? i’m spending my time not worrying too much about lenses and justices.

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