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hutt of rutt

today i’m going to eat at rutt’s hut, which i saw on a tv show about hot dogs and is, coincidentally, in clifton, nj which is mere miles from my boss’s house, so she is taking me, and her husband and young daughter are going as well. and kirk too.

the hot dogs are deep fried. i’m hoping that there are other deep fried items as well…maybe a snickers bar. that would be optimal.

i’m also deciding whether to have a “ripper” (a hot dog deep fried long enough to tear open) or a “cremator” (a hot dog deep fried to the point of black incineration). maybe i get one, and kirk gets the other, and we split them.

it’s nice to have this be the main problem on a friday afternoon.

kirk got off at 1:00, but my boss and i can’t leave until 4:30. so he’s killing time, so to speak, by seeing the devil’s rejects, which is the new rob zombie movie. i won’t go see crap like this normally, or at least i won’t admit to going to see this crap normally. so kirk can see it, because he likes gorefests. nothing, i suppose, like a cross-country murder spree followed by deep fried red meat.

then afterwards, we are going to holsten’s ice cream in bloomfield, new jersey. my boss’s husband is bringing his camera, so i should have documentary evidence of all the overindulgence to post shortly.

i know you are interested. enthralled, even.

i had a light salad with grilled tofu and edamame for lunch, so i am more than ready.

bring it on, baby.

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  1. Kirk

    I’m here to report that the film was kinda like the lovechild of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and Natural Born Killers. (Oh sorry, I forgot we use NO capitals on this site!) certainly i’d advise anyone who might be interested in catching this mad romp of a flick to catch it on cable, but catch it nonetheless.

    as to the rutt dog, brilliant. keeping with the pork theme, jamie & i solved the ripper/cremator problem by each having both. oink. great onion rings, too. and birch beer; you can take the boy outta the PA dutch country, but…

    ice cream: jamie’s (something purple, more tinky-winky than barney) was really tasty, mine, (black cherry chip) ok but was more tootie-fruity than real fruity, taste wise. but hey, ice cream always brings a smile to my face.

    and anyway, it was all a good excuse to spend an evening with jamie’s very cool boss and her family. a lovely time was had by all.

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