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hot hot hot

it’s hot in nyc.

actually, it’s probably hot where you are too, unless you are in nome or something. and i know it’s hotter elsewhere, like phoenix and atlanta and wherever.

but, still, it’s damn hot.

and humid.

i grew up in florida, so i know a little about hot. and i grew up in north central florida, where it’s super super hot and you don’t get the benefit of ocean breezes. i swear ocala, florida is the hottest, muggiest, most dreadful place on the planet in august. and i grew up very near there.

but i don’t remember it being this hot.

and i don’t think it’s because i’m getting older. lots of weird changes are taking place now as a result of man’s impact on the environment. i’m no expert on global warming and species changes and all, but my horse sense tells me that not all is well, and it’s been getting exponentially worse at an alarming rate.

when i was a kid in florida, it rained every damn day at 4:00, in the summertime. not any more.

when i was a kid in florida, buzzards ate roadkill and crows didn’t. not any more. crows eat all the roadkill and buzzards are history, as far as i can tell.

when i was a kid in florida, you got hurricanes but not in vast quantities. and never never never in june. not until later.

and i never used to have to wear my tinfoil hat so often. just kidding. i always had to wear my tinfoil hat constantly.

just kidding. really. except, of course, for the rays from all the wireless crap that whiz around and penetrate your brain and body, which i’m convinced is a real threat.

and here in nyc, yesterday saw the highest power consumption levels in con ed history. con ed, for the uninitiated, is our local power company. today our building lost its air conditioning for about four hours. that’s a 48-story manhattan skyscraper with all kinds of redundancies built in, with no air circulating for thousands of people. damn.

we’d better get a grip on all this weather and it’s impact soon, or i’m afraid that the consequences might be unimaginable. mother nature has a way of getting even. i mean, evening things out so that everything comes back to a norm. and i think that we’ll lose the race to discover compensatory advances in science. mother nature is always going to be one step ahead.

i just hope that mankind itself isn’t the expendable factor here.

on the other hand, that’s a pretty arrogant statement. the hell with mankind. we screwed it all up, so we deserve our fate. and i don’t own a car, so no matter what else i do or don’t do to help, i’ve done the single biggest thing i could do to help, so my conscience is clear.

but for now, i just want to go home and put a wet towel on my head.

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