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Monthly Archives: August 2005

under construction


first, a quick note: i’m glad i don’t live in new orleans, and i’m also glad i’ve been there, because it surely and sadly will never be the same. definitely keep those people in your thoughts–i am. the hurricane was so much worse there than the ones i went through in florida, mainly because i […]

quick sunday thought


instead of enabling unlimited cell phone service in the new york subway, why don’t we enable 911 service only? that way, anyone who needs to use their cell phone for an emergency will be able to, but i will be spared the constant yammering. the subway is the last cell-phone free area in new york, […]



sometimes you just gotta have it. most days i eat a very healthy diet. after all, i was a vegetarian for over ten years, and was even completely vegan for about three of those, and even though i’ve given up on that, i still don’t eat much meat. the majority of our meals at home […]

let’s go mets


wow. usually a baseball team that scores 14 runs in a game will lose the next game. usually by a score of 2-1 or something like that. but the mets have done it two nights in a row. on the road. they said on tv (i’m going to get the exact figures wrong) that no […]

quick takes


number something in a series of some as yet determined number, where i talk briefly about a lot of things, rather than in-depth about one thing. like i never digress in any of my blogs. anyway, here they are.

i want my m-tv


as in moronic tv. well, not completely moronic. but pretty much. a lot of what is on tv in the summer isn’t very watch-worthy. a lot of baseball games. that’s good. but i have a new favorite show, which will come as no shock to anyone who has read a few of my blogs, as […]

php conversion


i converted my greymatter blog to php. i have no idea what that means, or what effect it has, or how things are different. or why i even did it in the first place, except that i had a few spare moments at work and gave it a try. but i did, and now my […]

7 versus L


we had a great time at coney island on friday. totonno’s pizza was excellent, the cyclone roller coaster was awesome, the baseball game was fun and the cyclones won, we split a yummy grilled burger during the game and a pistachio soft serve ice cream afterwards. everything was perfect. except for getting ripped off at […]

nice long weekend


i have friday off. whoo hooo. so a nice long three-day weekend. that’s the one thing i love about working in new york–summer fridays. for those who aren’t in the loop about this, and i wasn’t in the loop until i got here, lots of new york city businesses give their employees paid half-day early […]

quicken for mac sucks


i’ve used quicken for windows to do my home finances for years. many more than ten years. and i’ve paid my bills online for more years than that. i used check free when it was a standalone product and i uploaded my payments on a 2400 baud modem. and my first versions of quicken came […]

i killed my cat


well, not literally, like with a butcher knife or a lawnmower. but did i feed my cat to death? i can’t get the idea out of my head, so you be the judge. it’s been a while since i had to put my cat to sleep, and i can just now talk about it all […]

yuppie fool


stayed up too late last night. after midnight, which is late for me. i usually go to bed at 10:00, preceded by falling asleep at 9:00 in front of the tv. anyway, that has nothing to do with anything, except to explain mood: exhausted. we just got back from our local pub, which has smithwick’s […]

wish me luck


i have the day off work tomorrow, so i’ll be home…you guessed it…finishing the transition from pc to mac. wish me luck. i may need it. not for the mac end of things, but for the pc end of things.

steve jobs is my new hero


loving the new mac mini, with one slight quandary remaining. i’d forgotten how easy it all was. i had kvetched with the salespeople at tekserve, bombarding them with a million “what if” questions. what if my cable modem won’t connect? how will i then get drivers for my peripherals? how do i configure my mail […]

switching to a mac


yes i’m switching to a mac. more in a moment. but first, i saw the movie “the aristocrats” this weekend, and i’m still making up my mind on the ranking, but i’m pretty sure it was the funniest movie i’ve ever seen, and just might be my favorite movie of the year thus far. and […]