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switching to a mac

yes i’m switching to a mac. more in a moment.

but first, i saw the movie “the aristocrats” this weekend, and i’m still making up my mind on the ranking, but i’m pretty sure it was the funniest movie i’ve ever seen, and just might be my favorite movie of the year thus far. and in addition to being riotously funny, it’s brilliantly insightful about the process of comedy and by inference, about freedom of speech.

but my god is it filthy. don’t see it unless you are completely unable to be offended, which i am not able to be. offended.

but do see it if you are worried about your right to be offended, because this movie is still flying under the radar. but it will eventually be topic one in sunday church and on fox news. and nothing would be a bigger statement against that crap than big box office numbers, which this movie is getting already. after it’s first week of release, it’s on the list of all-time biggest box office by theater–$65,000 per theater in only 4 theaters–which makes me very very happy. go go go dirty movie!

oh yes, the mac.

my home computer (a dell pc) started on its path toward death this weekend. even though we assiduously purge it of spyware, adware, and viruses each friday using four different scanning programs.

and even though we have norton utilities and run it all the time.

and even though we repair and defrag and reinstall and otherwise cajole the damn thing by spending inordinate amounts of time maintaining proper working order, it is slowly beginning to not work. i know my way around a computer pretty well, having used them constantly since, literally, 1977, and even though i’m the go-to guy for a lot of people’s computers.

and even though kirk is every bit as able to work on them as am i.

this dell pc computer is totally baffling me.

the usb is working intermittently, the cd drive will read disks but is no longer recognized for its writing ability (i know how it feels…), and i have internet access but none of my mail programs will download mail.

it was to the point that i was looking at spending the weekend reformatting my hard drive, reinstalling windows xp, and then reinstalling all of my programs. and then, kirk and i discussed it, and we decided it was silly to spend more time configuring and maintaining the computer than using it.

so we went to tekserve in manhattan and plunked down more than we can afford for a lovely new mac mini with a few upgrades. and, to make kirk supremely happy, i even ordered an lcd monitor to go with it.

the monitor from dell, no less. i know, i know. but they had an amazing deal on a 17″ lcd with all the fixins. dell often semi-covertly puts out coupon codes, especially at the end of the business quarter when they need to produce some quick income to meet numbers. is one site that aggregates these deals, and is a great place to look if you are thinking about purchasing anything online, especially electronics. the lcd monitor that was $325 if you went to the site cold cost me $185 with free shipping. can’t beat that!

so i am very excited, and the mac mini should be ready tomorrow, and i’ll toss that old pc overboard like a friggin’ boat anchor. except for the hard drive, which i will take out and smash to bits with a hammer and run a powerful magnet over the remaining bits so that no one can easily get my personal info.

as soon as i can afford photoshop for the mac. aaargh. i can hardly wait. until then the pc will linger in my life a bit longer.

and i will connect to the internet with my mac with no programs to scan for viruses or ferret out spyware, because as i understand it, although i will do more research, the mac has no need for those programs. ha. i spit on your keyboard logger.

and i will hopefully enjoy the computer as much as i enjoyed my 512k mac and my mac plus and my mac se30 and my mac classic and my mac quadra and my mac powerbook 520, the last which i still have but foolishly abandoned for a cheap toshiba laptop from the dark side.

i’m baaaaaaack!

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