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wish me luck

i have the day off work tomorrow, so i’ll be home…you guessed it…finishing the transition from pc to mac.

wish me luck. i may need it. not for the mac end of things, but for the pc end of things.

i have to be honest. there was one glitch in the new mac mini last night. it forgot it had a dvd drive, apparently. it was kind of wacky. i’d never inserted a disc in the drive, and so i did, and i kept waiting for it to take it (there’s no tray, just a slot to stick it in) and it didn’t.

as i figured out later, there’s a foamy bit inside that wipes the disk clean as you insert it, and apparently it also keeps the dust out. but i didn’t know that. so i was convinced that i had gotten a mini with no dvd drive, just a piece of foam in the place where the drive should be.

so i looked quite like my mother or your grandmother using a computer for the first time, or like eeyore repeatedly putting the balloon in the pot, and taking it out. over and over, i slid the disk in as far as it went while still having a bit to grab onto to pull it back out, and nothing would happen, and i’d try again.

so i rebooted, which took a bit of time, and then the mini made a clicky sound and when it had finished starting up, it remembered it had a dvd player and not a chink of foam, and whisked the disk in without further incident.

who knows. minor detail, compared to what i have been dealing with. googling turned up nothing, so i’m assuming it’s an isolated incident. i think it may have something to do with sleep mode, but that’s just a wild guess.

anyhoo, tonight i have to hook up the new monitor (which had damn well better arrive, mr. dhl), and then use the move to mac thingy to copy the files over from the pc.

that’s where i get afraid. oh well. the damn pc only has to work one last night. hang in there, baby.

it’s offline, so thankfully it can’t read this and get revengefully pissed off at me.

oh, and quicken for mac isn’t as dismal as i thought, knock on wood. you can do just about anything with it account-wise, it’s just that it’s not very automated, and you have to manually enter more info. other than that, should be ok. citibank told me they’d be happy to make my checking and savings accounts sync automatically, just like it did for free on the pc, for only $9.99 a month. thanks for the sour persimmons, mabel. i’ll just pay $0.00 and type everything in myself.

of course, you’ll be the first to know how well it went, and how long it went, and how far it went.

but, hopefully, not how horribly it went.

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