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yuppie fool

stayed up too late last night. after midnight, which is late for me. i usually go to bed at 10:00, preceded by falling asleep at 9:00 in front of the tv.

anyway, that has nothing to do with anything, except to explain mood: exhausted.

we just got back from our local pub, which has smithwick’s on tap (a very nice brew, new to me, flavorful but a bit lighter than a guinness) and has great burgers.

and, in the corner, was the yuppie fool.

now, i know i shouldn’t judge people, or pre-judge them, or whatever. and it’s bad karma and all, if you subscribe to that, which i do sort of.

but this guy was such a prat. first of all, this pub is kind of a working-class place, with the game on the tv and floors you don’t look at or heaven forbid drop anything on, because after it hit the floor you wouldn’t want it back.

and he’s sitting there with his laptop on the table.

it’s not starbucks for christ’s sake, and i’m fairly sure that this place isn’t a wireless hotspot. but he’s banging away on the keys and generally looking out of place, when the poor guy spills beer all over his laptop.

now what does he do? i know what i would have done. i would have immediately turned it off and yanked the battery out. or maybe just would have yanked the battery out first and have been done with it.

not yuppie fool. the laptop stays on, miraculously. and he leaves it on. and proceeds to try to drain the beer out by tilting it in every conceivable direction, which of course just makes the sticky liquid run all over the insides of the thing.

i didn’t get a good view, because my back was to him. so kirk gave me the play-by-play.

from what i could tell, i think he rather liked the attention he got, which wasn’t much attention, to be sure, because most people kind of averted their eyes, or were perhaps too old to know what a laptop was, or too drunk to care.

i don’t know what ultimately happened to the laptop, because i was far too involved in hoping that toronto maintained their lead over the yankees, so don’t ask me. i really hope that the guy’s laptop is fine, in spite of his idiocy. it’s not the laptop’s fault.

please people. take the laptop to the park. leave it at home when going to the semi-dive-y bar.

or take your laptop to the purportedly upscale restaurant across the street, where people will be more impressed with it. you’ll feel much better spilling a $10 glass of pinot noir into the keyboard.

and you’ll probably get more sympathy.

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