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nice long weekend

i have friday off. whoo hooo. so a nice long three-day weekend.

that’s the one thing i love about working in new york–summer fridays. for those who aren’t in the loop about this, and i wasn’t in the loop until i got here, lots of new york city businesses give their employees paid half-day early dismissal times on fridays between memorial day and labor day. my particular workgroup chooses to take the entire day every other friday, so there are always people in the office.

does any other area of the country do this? is it a big-city thing? not sure. all i know is, i love it and it’s one more reason to stay in new york, because i never had bonus paid vacation time anywhere else ever.

i think for the big shot types, it gives them a head start to the hamptons or whatever. as i have not yet closed on my southhampton mansion, i shall remain in the city on weekends.

and this weekend?

well it starts tonight, with a great dinner with our friend nancy at red cafe in brooklyn. we know mark shenk, our friend and the owner/chef, from the gone-but-not-forgotten astray café in the west village. here’s my quick review of the place if you are curious. check it out–it’s wonderful.

kirk works tomorrow until one pm, but after that we are going to coney island to bum around, get a totonno’s pizza, and go to a brooklyn cyclones game. should be a great afternoon and evening!

the rest of the weekend, who knows? probably will involve the inwood park greenmarket, which has awesome local produce, dairy, and meat products, as well as plants, baked goods, and much more. i tend to do a lot of cooking on the weekends, so i won’t have to during the week. kirk and i are among the 1% of new yorkers who don’t eat out for most or all meals.

so, enjoy your weekend, and i guarantee that i will enjoy mine!

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