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php conversion

i converted my greymatter blog to php.

i have no idea what that means, or what effect it has, or how things are different.

or why i even did it in the first place, except that i had a few spare moments at work and gave it a try. but i did, and now my site is php, instead of html, and everything works just as it did before.

so i can now say my site is more better, except that i will be using poor grammar if i do so.

there are easy conversion instructions on the greymatter forms, and there’s a whole section of help and how-to devoted to it, so i figure there must be a reason why one should do it.

and i did google “why is php better than html” or something similar and got nothing i could understand in the two minutes i felt like devoting to the question.

but i did feel good that when i converted it, i had no problems whatsoever, and my site worked perfectly. so maybe that means i had it set up correctly in the first place.

now if i could just figure out how to make a macintosh widget that gives you the rss feed for my site, i’d be an extremely happy camper. there’s a blank widget that you can easily customize to make one, but when i easily customize it, it doesn’t work because it apparently doesn’t like the rss file it creates although every other site likes it just fine.

i am the non-geekiest geek there is. by that i mean i can understand these things to a point, and can fiddle around and figure out how things work and make them work. witness this site, which is all noodling around and no training whatsoever.

but some of these things just escape me.

so if anyone can explain why i’m more better with the php now, i’d appreciate it.

and if someone could make me a rss feed widget, i’d really really appreciate it and would do some unspecified nice thing to be named later in return.

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