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quick takes

number something in a series of some as yet determined number, where i talk briefly about a lot of things, rather than in-depth about one thing. like i never digress in any of my blogs.

anyway, here they are.

»  still no widget, which is very upsetting but i will deal. i followed these directions to the letter, and got bupkis. i even found this site feedburner which converts your rss feed into all the different rss and atom formats, and still bupkis.

if you have no idea what i’m on about now, then listen: widgets are mini-programs for the mac, and they supply information to a person who installs the widget. if you installed my theoretical widget, you could read my posts without having to go to the site itself. the blank widget works fine in its original form, but it doesn’t like my rss feed for some reason.

the widget is not alone, as feedburner demonstrates: there’s one person subscribed to the rss feed, and that’s me. kirk makes two, but i think the site lumps us together. i could play the trackback game and comment on everyone else’s blog and all that crap, and watch my rss subscribers double to total two or quadruple to total four, or whatever, but i really don’t care to. i have a feeling, based on the number of hits my site gets, that there are some people who read this dreck i write. if not, i don’t care.

»  still no penguins, even though everyone is at me to see the goddamn penguin movie. i’ll see it sometime, i’m sure. i know i should see it in the theater on the big screen in all of its glory, but i’m far too busy not getting my widget working.

»  still no playoffs, at least that’s my prediction. the mets will do well enough on the road in the next couple of weeks to hang in there and keep everyone interested, but in the end i’m guessing that they will be the same two or three games back in the wildcard race that they are now. my only hope for happiness in baseball this year is that the yankees won’t make the playoffs. wouldn’t that be awesome? yes it would. and yes, i’m taking pleasure out of the misfortune of others. like you never did. please.

and while we’re on the subject, »  still no thome, which pleases me to no end because it means that my awesomely cool namesake ryan howard is still the first baseman for the phillies. i saw this guy play at double-a reading phillies when we went to a game while visiting kirk’s parents, and he is incredible. if the mets can’t go to the post-season, i hope the phillies do because i’d like for the rest of the country to see how awesome he is. typical howard, of course.

and finally, »  still no website redesign, which actually may happen soon, at least within a month or two. priority one is to get rid of the frames, so i get each page’s actual address in the address bar and the search engines can refer to my content more easily. i’ve pretty much decided to stick with greymatter, because i don’t want my site to look like every movable-type-or-whatnot-powered other site, which is to say all the same. not that my site looks so incredibly hot, but you have to admit that there’s a sameness to the look of all these frigging blogs, with the google ads down the side and the namestripe across the top and that awful same font that everyone has that must be the default font. and i want to avoid all that.

and i also need to tweak the colors and the styles, because the site is pretty hard to read in mac/safari and i don’t care much about you pc fuckers anymore. not really. i want it to look good in all browsers, including but not limited to safari.

and i need to go through all the pages and see what’s on them, because to be honest i haven’t seen a lot the pages on this site in years. and even though not that much has changed, i still need to take a peek around.

so that’s my list.

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