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let’s go mets


usually a baseball team that scores 14 runs in a game will lose the next game. usually by a score of 2-1 or something like that.

but the mets have done it two nights in a row. on the road. they said on tv (i’m going to get the exact figures wrong) that no team has won two consecutive games on the road by more than 13 runs since 1930-something or something like that.


i think i gotta believe.

i have to admit that i was pessimistic. the mets have stunk so badly on the road this year. so i thought that this long road trip at the end of the season with cameron out and piazza out and on and on would be the end of the mets’ hopes.

now i know that we are only three games into this long road trip. but there’s a buzz around this team that i haven’t seen all year.

i just get a feeling.

i don’t think i’m fooling myself on the high of these past three games.

i think the mets may have gotten hot at just the right time. if they can continue like this (and they have pedro on the mound tonight, and after the travesty of their non-support for him in the last few games, they’d better score runs for him tonight) i think they might just squeak out the national league wild card.

whoda thunkit?

go mets, baby!

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