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sometimes you just gotta have it.

most days i eat a very healthy diet. after all, i was a vegetarian for over ten years, and was even completely vegan for about three of those, and even though i’ve given up on that, i still don’t eat much meat. the majority of our meals at home are vegetarian, and when we do have meat, it’s most likely kirk and i splitting a can of tuna atop a salad, or a bit of salt pork in the green beans, and stuff like that.

today, though, i got the craving.

and i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again now. in all the years i was a vegetarian, i never stopped craving bacon. honestly. although of course i never admitted it at the time. i grew up in a mom-and-pop grocery with my mother as the butcher, so it’s probably hard-wired in my brain.

but, everything in moderation. and days will go by before i eat any meat at all, and it’s fine, and i don’t even think about it, because kirk and i don’t keep much meat around the house anyway. and kirk and i actually cook the vast majority of our meals at home, all from whole food ingredients and stuff from the greenmarket without additives and such. i’m convinced that conservatively using butter, olive oil, peanut oil and the like is much better than eating all of that fat-free chemical crud to save calories. so, we eat very healthily, especially considering that we live in manhattan where nobody ever cooks anything unless they are working in a restaurant kitchen.

and then a day like today comes along, once every few months. and mcdonalds burrows into my brain, and i can smell those fries, and i gotta have that fat-laden fix.

so i did.

and man was it good.

at the time.

now, of course, an hour later, i’m bloated and feel sluggish and just want to take a nap, and i remember why i never eat this crap.

but conversely, in a few hours, this bloated and sluggish feeling will be gone, and i’ll remember again how good those fries tasted. mcdonalds fries are the crack of the potato world.

and after all, i did have a diet coke. and a chicken sandwich. so it’s all good, right? well, the chicken sandwich did have bacon and ranch dressing. and i did get the fried chicken patty instead of the broiled one.

well, hell. at least i had that diet coke. i’m sure the chemicals are much better for me than the sugar would have been.

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