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under construction

first, a quick note: i’m glad i don’t live in new orleans, and i’m also glad i’ve been there, because it surely and sadly will never be the same. definitely keep those people in your thoughts–i am. the hurricane was so much worse there than the ones i went through in florida, mainly because i think there are far more impoverished people in the area to start with, and they didn’t have a means of escape.

now, some business. is under construction.

for the geeks out there, i’m converting this site from html and frames to xhtml and div tags and .php files and .shtml files and server side includes and revised css files.


for the non-geeks out there, i’m making the site more better. it will look the same on the outside, but will function better and will be compliant with a wider variety of browsers and screen resolutions and such.

the frames made it so that the only thing in the address bar was the main page, and the address didn’t change when you changed pages. this was all a legacy from when i originally designed the site in 1998, and i just piled onto the same antiquated structure even though html evolved and improved. all this made it hard for search engines to find my content, and for people to link to my content.

not that i know any more about how to do this than when i started.

i hunt and peck and pick around and copy code from other places and send things through the validator at and figure it all out and change the code by hand in a text editor. i’ve never used a visual editor or a program or whatever. i’m sure there’s a better way to do it, but that’s the way i’ve always done it, and i think it’s fun that way. so there.

the frames are gone already, and the blog works fine, but the other pages will change slowly as i convert them. they will open in separate windows until i fix them, and then they will open in the same window.

so be patient. i’m doing all this in my spare time, so it will probably be a few weeks before it’s all done.

and, for the geeks who are curious, this site is still run with greymatter and i’m not switching. greymatter rocks as far as i’m concerned. it’s totally flexible, runs clean and lean, does what i want it to, and i understand it. i’d thought about switching software, but decided against it. it’s certainly not as powerful as movable type or any of the other next-generation blogging software is, but i don’t care.

i promise that, someday soon, i will write an interesting blog. sorry this ain’t it.

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