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Monthly Archives: September 2005

lets go mets, part 19


i got tickets to tonight’s mets game through a contact at work. thanks, contact at work! they are great seats–field box level, right up front, off to the third base side a bit, so you have to crane your neck a bit, but who am i to complain? and, even though the game means absolutely […]

third world country


the united states is a third world country. at least in my opinion it is. but what about more objective measures? how do we stack up? let’s take a look.

no doubt about doubt


yesterday i mentioned, well, more than mentioned. yesterday i exhaustively told you what i was going to be up to that evening. which now was yesterday evening. and today i’ll tell you what i actually did yesterday evening, and what i thought of it. longest most boring lead on blog history, that was. but […]



not the abstract concept. the broadway play. kirk and i have been wanting to see this for quite a while. cherry jones is one of my favorite actresses, and she is an out lesbian to boot, which makes it just that much better.

why i hate oprah


i know you’re not supposed to hate anybody. and i really don’t actually hate oprah. let’s just call it an intense dislike of everything she stands for and everything i’ve ever seen her do and every appearance she’s made in my brain. other than when she was in “the color purple”. she was great in […]

worst. marketing. ever.


dell has introduced their latest “ipod killer”. it’s called the “dell ditty”. as dave barry is so fond of saying, i am not making this up. i am also not making up this unfortunate website which dell has apparently created to promote this unfortunately named product. honestly, i thought this was a parody site. i’m […]

not a flip-flopper


a bloomberg for mayor (republican of new york, the current mayor, mike bloomberg, the rich guy with the tv channel, for you non-new yorkers) commercial this morning on the tv in the gym. no sound, just the closed-captioning. woman speaking to the camera in the commercial, explaining why she voting for bloomberg. “he’s not a […]

here we go again


we have yet another hurricane coming. and we have lots of time to prepare for this one as well. people seem to be taking it seriously, and evacuating. at least, that’s what the media is telling us. there are a few problems with that angle, though.

quick takes


number something or other in series of a number yet to be determined, where i don’t have one big thing to say, so i just write a post consisting of lots of little things to take up space.

french class reboot


i really want to learn to speak french. i really really do. but i think my brain is getting in the way. i took french in high school. two years, in fact. and there’s a basis of french vocabulary that i retain from that. but getting past that base is proving to be pretty difficult.

liquid lunch


how did anyone ever get any work done back in the fifties and sixties? back in the days when everyone had three martinis for lunch? i have no idea. having had a three martini lunch today.

dubious achievement


i guess it was the widget. or maybe redoing the html and taking away the frames. but i’m now the number one jamie howard in google. both without quotes around my name and with quotes around my name. just a week ago i was number eight without quotes, and three pages back with quotes around […]

the gayest entree ever


it’s masak nenasphoto courtesy of kelly well, it was delicious. the menu describes it as “your choice of shrimp, chicken, or beef,” (i chose chicken) “with pineapple chunks, bell pepper, mint, and scallions in a spicy curry sauce.” actually, to be completely accurate, the menu should read, “your choice of shrimp, chicken, or beef with […]

rasputina. not bad!


i’d been cranky about going to see this band. frankly, yesterday’s post was more an attempt to kick myself in the ass to try to enjoy an evening about which i was, at best, dubious. well, who knew. not only was rasputina not bad, they were very very good. in fact, i’d go so far […]

getting younger


i’m getting younger. well, give me a chance to explain before you laugh. I guess i should say i’ve decided to get younger. well, no, that doesn’t work either. i can’t will myself into reversing the aging process. but i’ve started thinking like an old person. not all the time, and not on all subjects, […]

strip club dude


i voted in new york city’s democratic primary this morning. i voted for kris glen, among others. i did not vote for strip club dude. who?

i have a widget!


if you have a mac, with the tiger os, then you have dashboard which has all of the cool widgets with which you can access info. and now, you can keep up to date with this site by downloading the widget for here’s the faq for the widget:

questions to ask


it’s the 4th anniversary of 9/11. and i have some questions. for dick cheney: during the last election, you said that if we elected john kerry, we’d all die. care to stand in new orleans and revise your comments? for george bush: why should we believe that your administration’s response to hurricane katrina is anything […]

vote for kris glen


i’ve decided to vote for kris glen. who is she? hell if i know. but she’s proven to me that she has more sense, or at least is backed by people with more sense, than anyone else i’ve seen running for any office in new york this year. i should explain.

my last mchale’s burger?


i’m hoping it’s not true, or hoping for a reprieve, or hoping that someone gets some sense, or something. mchale’s, a perfectly wonderful open secret of a bar, is set to close soon, according to the new york times, which by the way will make you pay $3.95 to read about it. but trust me. […]