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why i hate oprah

i know you’re not supposed to hate anybody. and i really don’t actually hate oprah.

let’s just call it an intense dislike of everything she stands for and everything i’ve ever seen her do and every appearance she’s made in my brain.

other than when she was in “the color purple”. she was great in that. but it was before she was “oprah” in all capital letters which i don’t use on this site.

other than, that, can’t stand her. and here’s the latest reason why.

today i learned that oprah is “contributing”…let me interrupt here. i would have said investing, as i’m sure she’s getting a return. but i quibble. oprah is “contributing” more than $1 million of the $10 million production costs for the upcoming musical based on “the color purple”.

which, after her “contribution”, will now be called “oprah winfrey presents: the color purple.”

you can read about it here in the new york times, but you’ll need to give them your firstborn child or email address.

jeez. let’s call this oprah thing what it is.

the bitch bought naming rights. just like enron tagged the houston astros stadium with their corporate name, until they went under in flames and the astros scrambled to have anyone name the stadium so they didn’t have to play at “enron field” and more. or any of the other stadiums and such all over the country. same thing.

but did enron get a cut of every ticket in addition to having their name splashed on the entrance? they did not. they paid for the publicity the naming rights gave them.

not oprah. she evidently convinced the producers that having her name in the title was a valuable incentive for ticket sales. so, unlike any other investor i can think of in the history of broadway producing, she gets her name in the frigging title and the attendant publicity that entails, and gets her cut of every ticket in addition. and i’m sure she’ll get her money back several-fold, because there are tons of oprah-worshippers out there.

i am not one.

it just is tacky. there are lots of people for whom you could say the name in the title would sell tickets. the name rosie o’donnell in the title, for instance, at one time would have sold many tickets. but did we have “rosie o’donnell presents: taboo”?

no we did not.

hell, any of the myriad of shows that bring in hollywood stars for roles would be well served to somehow feature their star’s name in the title.

but, as i said before, it’s just tacky. let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend.

i guess i’m expecting too much from a woman who panders for attention so much that she gave away a car to everyone in her audience.

i guess i’m expecting too much from a woman who expects closed stores to open the doors for her after closing time, and who then publicly flogs the store and its management until they are forced to come on the show and apologize. for no good reason, i might add, except that she is evidently so god-like at this point that no one can dispute what she says, even if it is dead wrong, and so the company has to eat crow to save their stock price. would hermes open the store for me after closing time? or you? hell no.

oh i forgot.

oprah is a woman of the people.


a woman of the people who make stores open after hours and who browbeat their names into broadway show titles.

a group of people to whom, i assure you, i do not belong.

and “the color purple” is one show that i might once have but will not now, come hell or high water, buy a ticket for.

even if i’m in the vast minority, which i will be and usually am anyway.


  1. Anonymous

    you over did it. rascism is rascism no matter how you put it

    Posted on 13-Aug-07 at 2:46 am | Permalink
  2. thanks for your comment, but i’m a bit confused. are you saying that i’m racist because i criticized oprah? or that hermes was racist because they didn’t bend their rules for her?

    at any rate, your comment made me take a second look at a long-forgotten post. two things stand out: one — i regret using the word “hate” in the title of the post. shouldn’t be a hater. two — i actually would pay money to see “the color purple” now that fantasia is playing miss celie. that’s genius casting.

    other than that, the post still reflects my opinion.

    Posted on 13-Aug-07 at 1:06 pm | Permalink
  3. babs

    oprah is a racist fat fucking nigger!!!

    Posted on 21-Feb-08 at 8:23 pm | Permalink
  4. deb

    I agree totally, thats why she supports the other nigger Obama..

    Posted on 21-Feb-08 at 8:25 pm | Permalink
  5. hi babs/deb (same ip address, so same person):

    i’m leaving your offensive comment pair intact and unedited, in hopes of highlighting exactly why someone like obama is needed in this country.

    and, indeed, someone like oprah as well.

    Posted on 22-Feb-08 at 4:23 pm | Permalink
  6. i had to read what all the hubbub over oprah was. i think she’s a bit of a phenomenon. i mean, she’s got a lot of money and power, and we’ve all seen what people like that can do. i’m just waiting to hear when she purchases the continent of africa.

    Posted on 24-Feb-08 at 5:18 am | Permalink
  7. carbonphobia

    Here’s oprahs m.o

    Posted on 16-Sep-08 at 2:56 pm | Permalink
  8. aak

    I didn’t mind that Oprah was upset about the Hermes store refusing to open for her. This is actually a common thing for high-end stores to specially open after-hours for famous and very wealthy people who want to shop but cannot easily do so during opening hours because it can cause a mob of autograph seekers to form, or exposes the person to an unsafe security situation (such as famous politicians). However, I cannot really make a judgement on the action of the Paris Hermes store until I understand why they didn’t let her in. Perhaps they need to be told in advance that a celebrity is coming, and she didn’t call ahead to warn them of her planned visit? Wouldn’t surprise me if Oprah isn’t even known by appearance in France. Let’s just say, celebrities of color aren’t very prevalent in France, so why would American celebrities of color be famous there?
    I cannot judge the actions of that Hermes shop without all the facts, but I can say with some certainty, Oprah behaved badly in bad-mouthing that store very publicly on her show. It wasn’t the action of a woman who wishes to present an example of good conduct and maturity. I am most definitely NOT an Oprah-worshipper, but there are others who are, and her bad behavior may rub off on them.

    Posted on 01-Oct-08 at 2:36 pm | Permalink
  9. mamie

    do you know that i hate oprah so much that i occasionally have to google “i hate oprah” in order to do a little “self check”. i commend us both for we have not touched the kool aid. she is an elitist, narcissistic cow and every single thing that you said about her is dead on. why do we get it when others lap it up like they are without oxygen (ha, isn’t that her fucking channel?) until they tune in to her cult…

    Posted on 30-Oct-08 at 10:35 pm | Permalink
  10. CitizenC

    I think Oprah has gone too far this time. She takes advantage of white women to sell her goods, then backstabbed Hillary Clinton who appeared on her show, in order to give her seal of approval to Obama. She stole Hillary’s votes from her. Oprah proved to me that she is just about black, not women. She is selfish and I resent her for what she’s done to this campaign. An experienced woman was overlooked, as well as a senator who is a veteran and served 5 years as a POW, because she values her race and power over what is right. I won’t watch her or buy anything she plugs.

    Posted on 07-Nov-08 at 2:25 pm | Permalink
  11. Chris Schneider

    Seriously she was and is a TALK SHOW HOST!. How the heck can anyone get past that? I think having Orca, opps I meant Oprah, Jay-z; beyonce, Diddy, Bono, and even Sting really makes Obama look really bad.

    Posted on 23-Jan-09 at 12:32 pm | Permalink
  12. Dana

    I just found a funny post about her weight loss. This guys on the money about her. Here’s the link:

    Posted on 27-Jan-09 at 12:54 pm | Permalink
  13. Robbie Y

    It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

    Posted on 28-Jun-09 at 4:17 pm | Permalink
  14. tealady6123

    I used to adore her. Watched her faithfully. It changed a few years ago, when we were forced to watch BFF storm food establishments, and beg free food. Then we got to watch O sample the same on air while talking with her mouth open. Disgusting. Now we are forced to watch BFF on the show once a week.
    Also……how dare her chime in on the “money” shows with Suze. Sit on the sidelines with your billions, and shut up.
    Also…..the constant interruptions. If you ask someone a question, you probably don’t need to finish the sentance for them.

    Posted on 16-Jul-09 at 7:17 pm | Permalink
  15. ks

    I dislike Oprah. My dislike is not motivated by gender, race, or political stance but disgust. I dislike Oprah because I believe her to be false. She is motivated by money, power, and adoration. I believe that she is predator without discrimination. Her goal is to elevation financially, socially, globally, and politically. It is unfortunate that a majority of Americans can not see through transparent agenda and continue to seek guidance from an individual motivated by self gain.

    Posted on 08-Aug-09 at 1:19 am | Permalink
  16. winter

    I dislike Oprah as well… she is fake, yet has a lot of influence in “high society”, yet she is herself: depressed, miserable, fat, and has a lousy personal life that leads to her being unsatisfied and lonely on the inside but yet she can put on a show for millions everyday. By the way…ever seen her without makeup…she is very ugly!

    Posted on 17-Nov-09 at 10:37 am | Permalink
  17. I agree with winter she is not just ugly with out makeup but with as well. Most of all she is ugly on the inside. She buys her audience and when the shit hits the fan, she hides behind her billions. I was wondering if she still be respected as much if she was a lower-class american as myself? Im not afread to say that I am one myself and mabe she just might be more liked if she a straight shooter instead of her money doing the talking

    Posted on 20-Nov-09 at 6:57 pm | Permalink

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