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Monthly Archives: October 2005

short and sweet


since i’m coming down with a cold and therefore am taking cold medicine and am therefore tired, cranky, and balloon-headed, this will be, as the topic suggests, short and sweet. and probably not very organized. probably pretty scattershot.

ipod fever


i want an ipod. actually, that’s not quite accurate. i want kirk to have an ipod. i already have my ipod shuffle, but i don’t want to share it anymore. i’m selfish that way. but which ipod do i want kirk to have? or, more accurately, which ipod, if any, will kirk buy vicariously for […]

dusty satisfaction


i’ve been putting off this task at work. for about three years. obviously it’s not something that had to be done immediately, and wasn’t mission-critical, and we got along just fine without me jumping all over it. but today i did it. whee. i feel good, knew that i would now.

cool things coming


lots of good happenings upcoming for kirk and me. last week was just hectic–every night with something different going on. and i am a bit of a homebody, and i like to go out and do things, but not every single night. i need time to decompress. i like sitting around the house and wasting […]

so it’s ok


so it’s all ok. i just get nervous about class, because, to be honest, i don’t study enough. and my post earlier today was pretty much just displaced anger. i really have no one to blame but myself–everyone has different teaching styles, and i just need to take the best from everyone and move on. […]

dreading class


more kvetching about this french class of mine. which, to be honest, since i paid for it, i should do something more about. but for some reason i am unusually non-confrontational about the issue. but i need to do something.

the snap guy


walked down 6th avenue to 45th street to walk over to the schoenfeld theater to get tickets for the upcoming chita rivera one-woman show. i told you sometimes i’m a big queen. but on the way, on 6th avenue, i saw one of my favorite new yorkers. the handbill guy that snaps.

we’ll do chicago


the subject, by the way, is a somewhat obscure judy garland reference. i can be a big queen when i choose to. we saw brooke shields in chicago last night. the play, not the city. and lived to tell the tale. i don’t say that because of brooke shields, because she was really great. i […]

too much fun


karaoke last night was an absolute blast. whenever i’d done karaoke before, it was in a big bar with lots of people and cigarette smoke and drunk frat boys and motorcyle sluts and whatnot. what a difference a private room makes.



so tonight is the big karaoke-fest with people from work. i know, it sounds lame, but they are all people i really like, and i haven’t been out to have a drink (or two) for a while, and i can’t sing but i don’t care, so why not? i’m meeting a group of people at […]

the flu sucketh


i took the day off work yesterday with a mild case of the flu. i’m still dragging today, but at least i felt well enough to come to work, because i had a buttload of work to get caught up on. at least i didn’t have the kirk version of what is probably the same […]

the wizard of jobs


pay close attention to the man in front of the curtain first off, apologies on behalf on my hosting service which has yet to apologize to me–the site was down yesterday for at least 24 hours through no fault of mine. there are several of you getting your daily queerspace fix, a number sure to […]

today’s the day


the apple “one more thing” press event starts at 1:00pm est today. and then the wait will be over. why do i care? i’m not sure. it’s not like i’m going to buy anything that is introduced. at least i don’t think i am. i guess it’s just that i like rooting for the underdog. […]

don’t be a tourist


i’m leaving for florida tomorrow to visit my mom. no new blogs until next tuesday. but the trip has got me thinking. actually, the trip, along with the huge woman in tight shorts and a jesus t-shirt who walked in front of me this morning at the corner of broadway and 49th, has got me […]

apple rumors


one side benefit to switching from my pc back to my beloved mac is the reawakening of my mac fanaticism. yes, i’m an apple fanboy. have been since 1986 and the mac pluses i bought for my journalism classroom, except for my recent brief sojourn away from the fold. and there’s nothing like the evangelical […]

the supremes


all this speculation about the supreme court nominees has me all het up. not about the nominees themselves. about the speculation itself.

where i’m from


i’m from floral city, florida, in a small county called citrus county. it’s in northwest central florida, on the gulf coast. i left when i was 17 and, other than visits to my mom when she still lived there, have pretty much never looked back. i did go back twice for high school reunions, which […]

not a great day for sports


yesterday, that is. the mets won, and that was the bright spot. even though it doesn’t ultimately matter in the postseaon scheme of things, the mets will go out on a high note, above .500 and with several young players that we’ll be seeing for years. but the red sox lost, and even though it […]