the supremes

all this speculation about the supreme court nominees has me all het up.

not about the nominees themselves. about the speculation itself.

let’s step back a minute. what did we really know about any of the recent nominees? not much. and, despite everyone’s best efforts, most of them were ciphers during the confirmation process, and remained so until they got onto the court.

breyer is a prime example. do you think that george bush the elder had any idea he’d turn out to be such a liberal? heck no he did not. old man bush nominated him thinking he’d be at least somewhat conservative, and he went through the confirmation process with everyone gnashing their teeth about roe vs. wade, and he got on the court and everything was just fine, if you believe that roe vs. wade is a good thing, which i do.

or take o’connor. same exact story.

you can ask these nominees all the questions you want, and it adds up to nothing learned. even if you get hints as to the direction of their future judicial phiposophy, which you won’t, they can do whatever they want once they are on the court. and it seems, if recent history is any guide, that supreme court judges don’t get more conservative when given a non-revokable lifetime appointment and wide-open intellectual freedom. scalia and thomas have been on the court for how long now? and they have converted how many of the newer judges to their way of thinking?


this cannot be underestimated. along with the knowledge that the republicans are not about to do anything to really get rid of the abortion bogeyman because it’s so effective for them. what would they rally around if it were really outlawed? there ain’t much.

roe vs. wade is safe safe safe. i’ve really thought this through, and i don’t think i’m being cavalier or ignorant. and the two recent nominees won’t do anything to change the fundamental roe vs. wade decision, and all the ink, virtual and real, being spilled over this is a waste of time, because the result is a foregone conclusion.

so stop all of the useless speculation.

or course, all this is obviously speculation.