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today’s the day

the apple “one more thing” press event starts at 1:00pm est today. and then the wait will be over.

why do i care? i’m not sure. it’s not like i’m going to buy anything that is introduced. at least i don’t think i am. i guess it’s just that i like rooting for the underdog. after all, i’m a mets fan. and apple is the underdog, and microsoft is the yankees, and i’d like to see apple hit a home run and knock the wind out of microsoft’s sails.

too much to hope for. too many mixed metaphors. but it still interests me, and there’s always hope.

florida, by the way, was a lot of fun.

kirk and i visited my mom on friday and sunday. friday was all about running errands and getting things for my mom. my sister works all day and visits my mom after work, so she doesn’t have a lot of time to get a lot of the things that mom would like to have. she barely has enough time to get the things she needs to have. thank god for my sister. my mom is in assisted living and my sister works in a different assisted living facility, so my sister is an expert and knows how to take care of things. but i’m sure it gets to be a drag sometimes, leaving work to do more of what you were doing at work, even if it is your own mom. and she does a terrific job with it all, but there was a small backlog of errands.

you can only do so much after work.

so of course i was happy to run some errands with my mom, and help my sister out at the same time. my mom is very energetic. she’ll run you ragged. and she did, but we got everything on her list, so mission accomplished.

saturday was kirk and i at epcot. our little vacation day. the night before though, friday night, we had an excellent dinner at vito’s chop house on international drive in orlando. we just picked the place at random as it was late and we were tired and it was near the hotel. what a great surprise. we had the best steaks i’ve had outside peter luger’s, and i’ve had steaks in some of the best and most famous steakhouses in the country. i’d even go so far as to say that the vito’s steak was better than luger’s in some respects. heresy, i know, and if you knew the reverence in which i hold peter luger’s, you’d know what a strong statement that is.

it’s apples and oranges to some extent–different steaks, different flavors, and different approaches to cooking and presentation. suffice it to say that if you are a steak lover, you’d be very very happy at vito’s.

all day saturday at epcot was a blast. it was food festival month or something, so they had kiosks set up all over with cheap samples of food from various countries, and seminars and speakers and events in addition. we waited to see jacques torres do his chocolate thing, but he cancelled and we were justifiably bummed. we did get to go to a free wine tasting presented by the louis jadot wine importer, which was very cool. and we noshed our way around the countries which was a great way to spend a day.

we ended saturday with fireworks and parades at the magic kingdom. and sunday was more of friday–shopping, but this time for kirk–and my mom had fun with that. lunch was with my sister and my nephew–good pizza and salad at a mom-and-pop place that gave us way too much food. or maybe we ordered too much. not sure which, but a good deal–cdg pizza on fowler avenue in tampa.

and, as an aside, all of the mac rumor sites are down and jammed up with traffic in anticipation of the upcoming event. before everything went pzzzt, i did see a picture of what purported to be the new video ipod, which looked just like the current one but wider.

we’ll see.

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