the flu sucketh

i took the day off work yesterday with a mild case of the flu. i’m still dragging today, but at least i felt well enough to come to work, because i had a buttload of work to get caught up on.

at least i didn’t have the kirk version of what is probably the same flu.

the kirk version was everything stomach-and-intestine-wise coming up and out, plus fever and chills and terrible body pain and aches.

me, i just got the intestinal problem plus a general malaise. the malaise i can mentally tough myself through, but yesterday i wasn’t going very far away from my home bathroom, if you know what i mean.

funny how what i’m assuming is the same bug can affect two different people in such radically different ways. i had a flu shot last year–i got it before there was such a hullaballoo about saving them for old people and babies, so don’t condemn me for it. it’s not like i was george costanza knocking the women and children out of the way to escape the fire. but i’m wondering if that makes a difference even a year later for a different flu, because i always get a flu shot and kirk doesn’t get one, or maybe he gets them but sporadically but i’m pretty sure not last year.

and i don’t get colds as often as i used to, since i started getting an annual flu shot. for a while i thought it was because i wasn’t around so many sick kids in the classroom anymore, but then i realized that was a stupid thing to think, because i’m in the subway every damn day with a whole plethora of very ill looking people, so i’m sure my exposure has gone up if anything.

so does the flu shot raise your overall immune system? or is it maybe that i stopped being a vegetarian and started eating meat? maybe those low-level doses of antibiotics i get from the chickens and the cows and such are doing me some good personally, even as their use makes ever more likely the inevitable takeover of the planet by the bacteria.

have i ever mentioned my theory about that? well i’m not going to. because it’s such a good theory that if i ever get around to writing the book about it, the theory will change the world. so i’m keeping that idea to myself so you don’t steal it. if everyone has one good idea in their life, this one might be mine.

and i don’t like you that much.

anyway, i’m sick. but not that sick. and more well today than yesterday. well enough to sit tonight in this suck-ass french 103 class that i paid so much money for. not learning much at all. i know it’s my responsibility to learn even if the class or the teacher is bad, but i’m spending too much time figuring out grammar things that should be taught more clearly in class. and i only have so much time. last night i spent two-plus hours doing homework and i have no clue if any of it is correct. kirk spent even more time with the same results. i may just be reinforcing incorrect french grammar. god knows. the teacher is a very nice woman and i like her a lot, but she just barrels through exercises without any real explanation, which is tough enough when it happens in english, but she’s speaking only french.

it’s a blur. kirk and i are going to have to make sure we get our friend and french 102 teacher joel for our next class, french 104. he’s a marvelous teacher and really puts the effort into making sure you learn what you are supposed to in his class, and also what you should have learned but didn’t in your previous classes. you work your ass off, but you can clearly see the benefit.

am i rambling? gee, that never happens.

fine then. back to work for me.