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so tonight is the big karaoke-fest with people from work. i know, it sounds lame, but they are all people i really like, and i haven’t been out to have a drink (or two) for a while, and i can’t sing but i don’t care, so why not?

i’m meeting a group of people at a place called sortie, which i’ve never been to, and we are all proceeding from there to koreatown, which is the mid-30s in manhattan, and we are going to some karaoke place that no one knows the name of because evidently the places all change names every few days or so.

sounds organized.

but i’m sure it is, and it will be fun and fine.

tomorrow i have tickets to chicago, which i’ve never seen. it’s featuring brooke shields. we’ll have to see, i guess. at least the tickets were free, through a friend at work. and it’s a good excuse for kirk and i to go have a nice dinner somewhere.

i’m sure it will be fun and fine.

and french class last night was another disappointment. kirk and i worked for hours completing these worksheets and we had no idea really what we were doing, and then the teacher didn’t even collect them or go over them. so i gave my worksheet to her, and asked her to go over it and correct it. which, of course, she agreed to do. i’m not learning much, but it’s a good time.

i’m sure it will be fun and fine.

really. i do.

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