dreading class

more kvetching about this french class of mine.

which, to be honest, since i paid for it, i should do something more about. but for some reason i am unusually non-confrontational about the issue.

but i need to do something.

the issue is that my french class is being taught by a very nice woman who really doesn’t teach. she just goes through the exercises in order, without any real explanation, and we are supposed to catch on somehow and teach ourselves.

and she marches through exercises until we run out of time. and whatever exercises are left in that section are assigned for homework.

i spent two hours last night trying to figure out how to do my homework. and i’m not sure it’s right, and i may have spent two hours doing everything wrong. i’ll find out tonight, if she remembers to go over the homework, which sometimes we have to remind her to do, and we always have to tell her which exercises we did for homework because she doesn’t write it down.

and she never writes on the board, and she gives no explanations to speak of, so we have no notes.

but she is a very nice woman, so i’ll probably kvetch about it weekly, and do nothing about it. probably the best i can do is to make lists of vocabulary words to memorize, and hope to hell i get joel the awesome teacher for the next class, because he will straighten us all out.

and in the meantime, i may stop doing homework i can’t figure out, because i’m probably just reinforcing bad habits by just giving it a shot in the dark.

we’ll see.