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cool things coming

lots of good happenings upcoming for kirk and me. last week was just hectic–every night with something different going on.

and i am a bit of a homebody, and i like to go out and do things, but not every single night. i need time to decompress. i like sitting around the house and wasting time however i choose to waste it.

that said, the next few weeks are bringing some fun things. spaced out a bit, so i can’t complain.

we got tickets for various events over the past little bit, and those are coming up soon. the next, and coolest, thing is our daily show tickets on monday. that’s right–halloween. we emailed a few months ago and they give you free tickets on a random date. and the random date they gave us was halloween. i can hardly wait–i’ve never been to a taping of a tv show, so i’m sure it will be a blast. i hope the guest is good. on halloween (did i mention that our tickets are for halloween?) you’d think it would be someone good.

of course, i’ll report back.

we also got mid-december tickets for chita rivera’s new one-woman show. two nights after opening night. i mentioned this before, in the context of being a big queen and discussing the handbill snap guy, but i’ll mention it again. she a goddess. i hope the show does well–i can’t imagine that it won’t.

also, got early december tickets for the radio city christmas show. i got a half price ticket offer, or rather, a two-for-one offer, which if you have two people going is the same thing anyway, and so we got two tickets. off-peak show, in the orchestra center not too far back, ended up being $35 a ticket. not bad. it’s a cheese-fest, but you gotta love the rockettes and the dancing santas and the live nativity and all. and this year it’ll just be kirk and me, so we’ll get there way early to listen to the pipe organ guys, who i didn’t get to listen to last time because we got there late. before the show started, but too late for much pipe organ.

well spent $35, believe me.

and then on november 11 we see bauhaus, or the remnants of bauhaus, or whatever they will be twenty-five years after being the goth gods they were. peter murphy could be sixty-five and on a ventilator, and i’d still think he was the sexiest guy ever born. even more so than robert smith, and that’s saying something.

bauhaus is at the new nokia theater, where sugarland will be playing at the bottom of a three-band bill in december. this is important because kristen hall is in the band, and she is my favorite musician of all time. but i don’t want to pay big bucks to see three bands, two of which are some country music crap bands that i could care less about seeing. sugarland is country too, but this is kristen hall so i can make an exception. but i’m afraid that, since they are the opening band, i’ll pay all that money to see them sing three songs and then i’ll have to leave. which would irritate me.

we’ll see about sugarland.

and, in the goofy but i’m psyched about it department, stanley bing is doing an reading at work and i have a much-in-demand ticket to that. who is stanley bing? he writes the back-page column for fortune and is one of my favorite columnists. he is a medium-sized big cheese for some fortune 500 company as his day job, and stanley bing is his pseudonym. or his nom de plume, or whatever. his new book is titled “sun tzu was a sissy”, which is a great title for a book.

really looking forward to seeing stanley bing.

now, can you see why i love living in new york?

sure wouldn’t have these opportunities in south florida.

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