dusty satisfaction

i’ve been putting off this task at work.

for about three years.

obviously it’s not something that had to be done immediately, and wasn’t mission-critical, and we got along just fine without me jumping all over it.

but today i did it. whee. i feel good, knew that i would now.

the job was reorganizing a library of tapes that we keep around that has all of the old tv commercials that our group put together over the years. it had been organized pretty well at one point, and we had several interns over the years who were supposed to put it into order, and some did a great job of it, and some were wacko nightmare people and didn’t do much of anything at all including organizing the tape library.

in addition, we had group members who kept their own individual tape libraries, and when they left, someone should have integrated their tapes into the big tape library.

but that someone was me, and, as i’ve mentioned, i didn’t do it.

now i am super-conscientious at work, and never leave things undone, and keep all my ducks in a row, and stay on top of everything. other than this. i have really good work habits, and i’m proud of them. and, to be sure, this has been nagging me for a while. i knew i should be getting onto it. and i knew basically where everything was, so i could always find tapes if necessary. but god help anyone else who tried to find anything.

so yesterday i worked like a dog getting things in order so i could have today free, and today i went into that dust-filled infestation of drawers and put them all in order. as my boss would say, fun for the feeble-minded. but i have to say that, having gotten it done, i have a pretty nice sense of accomplishment.

actually it’s not completely done yet. each magazine title has its own drawer, but i now need to go into each drawer and number tapes that aren’t numbered with a little sticker that has that tape’s individual number, and then enter that number on a spreadsheet along with a log of the contents of the tape. it’s done for some of the tapes, but not all of them. not the most recent ones.

sometime soon. probably.