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ipod fever

i want an ipod.

actually, that’s not quite accurate. i want kirk to have an ipod. i already have my ipod shuffle, but i don’t want to share it anymore. i’m selfish that way.

but which ipod do i want kirk to have? or, more accurately, which ipod, if any, will kirk buy vicariously for me?

he can use it full-time, of course. but that doesn’t mean i can’t play with it when he’s not looking.

this all started when i saw an ipod nano live and in person yesterday on the subway. up until then, i’d only seen pictures and read about it. last night coming home, though, a woman slipped one out of her purse long enough for her to change a setting or something and long enough for me to get about a five-second glance. it was black, thin, stylish, and gorgeous. you really can’t look at one without smiling and thinking how much you’d like to have one.

and the mechanics of it, or rather the lack on mechanics of it, appeal to me. no hard drive–just flash memory. i like the idea of no moving parts. that means less to go wrong. mechanically it’s just like my shuffle, only with a screen and a larger capacity.

and i’m convinced that the scratching issue is a non-issue. it’s the same damn screen all of them have always had. buy a case. duh. the whole thing was probably cooked up by some viral marketer hired by an ipod competitor.

but then there’s the new ipod, the one with video. and, even though it’s more expensive, and even though it has a hard drive and thus more moving parts and thus more chance of something going wrong, i’d still love to have one. it’s the latest and greatest, which means that it’ll be around and current and operational for quite some time. and stuffing your entire music collection on one device, rather than constantly re-syncing, does have it’s appeal. and the video capability would mean that i would have more gadgets and software and stuff to goof around with, and i do love to goof around with that kind of stuff. and i know that it would be kirk’s ipod, but if you think i wouldn’t be playing with it you’ve lost your mind.

it’s my hobby, and since moving to the mac from the pc i don’t have nearly as much tinkering and configuring to do, and i kind of miss it, and i need something to fill the void.

of course, the economically correct thing to do would be for kirk to get a shuffle like mine. it’s the cheapest option, and it would mean that he could sync his up however he wanted to, and i could sync mine up any way i wanted to. and i could listen to my podcasts on the way to work, and he could listen to his, or music, or not, or whatever.

and the sensible thing for kirk to do would be to get either a nano or a shuffle, since i would be less likely to “borrow” it after the initial getting-to-know-you period.

or we could just bumble along and share the shuffle, like we’ve been doing.

decisions, decisions.

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