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short and sweet

since i’m coming down with a cold and therefore am taking cold medicine and am therefore tired, cranky, and balloon-headed, this will be, as the topic suggests, short and sweet.

and probably not very organized. probably pretty scattershot.

»  ipod update:   the 60gb ipod with video can be used as a storage device for photos. plug your digital camera into it, dump your pictures onto it, and you have a camera with a blank memory card and an ipod full of pictures to store and share. perfect for vacations.

»  jon stewart today:   i wish i didn’t have a cold, but that can’t be helped. i’m still very excited to be going to a taping of the daily show. it’s just that i’m excited in a very light-headed way.

»  i’m thinking about becoming an episcopalian:   no, this isn’t a side effect of the cold medicine. more on this when i feel up to expounding on the reasons.

»  i have a cold:   did i mention this?

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