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Monthly Archives: November 2005

internet story of the day


step one: guy foolishly buys a $3000 camera from one of those internet rip-off camera stores and, what do you know, gets ripped off. and then he blogs about it. step two: guy’s blog gets dugg on step three: all hell breaks loose.

could be cool


hot on the heels of yesterday’s post about our new hdtv comes news of a possible new mac mini-based home theater center from apple coming in january. do i have good timing or what? of course, several problems remain, not the least of which is that, even if the thing is relatively cheap, we won’t […]

hdtv time


kirk and i decided to get a new hdtv for christmas. it’s our present to each other, except for stocking stuffers and such and i think one other present for kirk since he had already gotten me one thing before we decided to get the new hdtv. i’m getting kirk a pony. don’t tell him. […]

ripping off apple


lots of news stories recently about various people “stealing” apple software, like front row or the apple operating system running on generic intel computers instead of apple hardware. is this stealing? technically, of course, yes. kirk is an artist, so we have a vested interest in understanding the concept of intellectual property. and my machine […]

food network thanksgiving


kirk and i love to cook, so thanksgiving is just about our favorite holiday. here are the links to some of what’s for dinner at the howard-lawrence or, if you will, lawrence-howard household. green beans with apple cider good eats roast turkey cranberry conserve good old country stuffing apple butter pumpkin pie we’re also having […]

today’s mta gripe


the mta, or metropolitan transit authority, is the outfit that runs new york subways and regional rail service, among other things. and it’s the most poorly run excuse for a bureaucracy i have ever seen, and having worked in quite a few bureaucracies, that’s saying something. a few months ago all we heard was that […]

men dating me


i have two ways to search this site. one is using the greymatter blog search box located at the top right of the main page. it searches the blog only. the other is the “search entire site” page which uses to perform the search. by the way, that’s the only place you’ll see ads […]

bauhaus was fantastic


if you have a chance to see bauhaus on this tour, don’t miss them. peter murphy and daniel ash have lost none of their onstage presence, they sound amazing, they do all the songs you want to hear. amazing evening. the nokia theatre, not so great. bad acoustics. plus there’s something odd about walking around […]

black clad flashback


bela’s not dead. bela’s alive. or, to put it another way, i’m reliving my gothic youth tonight. bauhaus is playing the nokia theater, and i have tickets. it’s a real kick in the eye. har har har.

more intuit looniness


i know i shouldn’t dwell on this subject, which probably bores everyone but me absolutely silly, but the corporate strategy of intuit, the makers of quicken, just continues to flabbergast me. the latest chapter of lunacy involves their high-end product for businesses, quickbooks.

not going to texas


well, add texas to the list which i know includes virginia and ohio. texas yesterday passed their version of a gay marriage ban. its wording prohibits the state from “creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage.” which means that kirk and i, who have legal papers to approximate the legal rights […]

getting rid of quicken


i’ve used quicken, the personal money management software package, for years and years. before there was quicken, i used check free software to pay bills online. i haven’t written a check for a bill since about 1989. so i have some expertise in this area. and my one gripe about switching to a mac was […]

quick political takes


here are a few quick thoughts about various political-type things i’ve been mulling over recently. mostly political, anyway. i’m not sure what the list will consist of. i haven’t written it yet, have i now?

radio city blues


actually not blues. actually very very irritated. pissed off. actually first a quick mention of souvenir, the new play about florence foster jenkins. it’s the funniest, most-touching, and best-written piece i’ve seen in ages. do yourself a favor and see it immediately if not sooner. and now, on to my complete disgust about the radio […]

the spontaneous giggle test


lunch yesterday was one of those quintessential new york experiences, one that i feel extremely lucky to have had. it was lunch in the basement speakeasy wine cellar room of the “21” club, the secret room hidden behind a brick wall accessible only by pushing a thin wire into just the right hole. click on […]

dressed for success


i wore a tie to work today. and a jacket. usually, i have to admit, i’m a bit of a schlub. we have business casual rules in our workplace, and i usually dress a bit under even that. i live in black jeans. and blue jeans. but today is an exception.

at the daily show


last night at the daily show was an absolute blast. if you’ve never gone to a taping of anything (i never had) then you should go if you ever get a chance. it’s a real experience.